Saturday 06162012

Air time

The Tests:  

A1.  Max Attempt Handstand Walk 

A2.  Max Attempt Box Jump 

A3.  Max Attempt Broad Jump 

A4.  Max Attempt pull-ups 

You have three attempts per movement to establish your max effort.  




Complete after each round 15 walking lunges and 15 sit-ups 

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4 Responses
  1. Jim Sorum

    handstand walks-not far
    broad jump-about 2 mats
    box jump-42″
    pullups-didn’t do
    I feel my pullups aren’t as good as they use to be

  2. John Colbert

    handstand walk: about 10 feet ( with a little help from Matt )
    broad jump : 8 ” short of 2 mats
    box jump : 38 or 39 inches
    WOD : 11:09 with blue band.