Saturday 08112012


A.  Push Press 4 x 5 w/90 Sec Rest 

B.  5 Rounds 

2 Min AMRAP 

10 x Push Presses @ 95lb/65lb 

Max Calorie Row for the remainder of the period 

1 Min Rest after each round  

C.  Mobility 

-Post results under comments  


4 Responses
  1. Ty

    Push Press @ 155#
    WOD – PP @ 115#, I thought I had on two 25# plates, but they were 35’s. Whoops. Cals – 34/29/28/29/31

    This was my first real cfp workout in Kuwait so i figured id post it. Lungs full of sand and ridiculous heat = shitty, but good interval workout

  2. jeff

    went for a pr in PP and got 195
    WOD was 143 cals total Sorry COREY, I would have done the kettlebell workout, but this looked easier:) Im so sore i can barely walk, but love it:)

  3. Jim Sorum

    Great to have you posting from Kuwait Ty.

    166 total calories in WOD with 15lbs shoulder presses (violating my 10lbs lifting restriction)