Saturday 09222012

…the man…the legend… Chris Nelson…


As our community continues to grow day by day, week to week, I can’t help stop the feeling of happiness of what we have, what CFP means to me, and how CFP has affected so many lives.

3 years ago CFP was a dream, a fantasy more than reality.  Never in my mind did I think there was the potential of creating something that would change numerous lives.

Challenging workouts and increase functional fitness is just a small portion of what CFP is.  Building a community through solid relationships, reigniting relationships between family members, changing the ability to do more for less, CHANGING LIVES!  That is CFP in a nut shell.

For all of you…CFP members, friends, and family…what does CFP mean to you?  Has it changed you?  Please share!


A.  Movement Prep for Fran  

B.  Fran 


Thrusters @ 95lb/65lb 


C.  Mobility 

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5 Responses
  1. Fran 7:41
    Scale: Green+blue bands pullups/65 lb thrusters

    Pushups 10, 12, 12
    GHD Situps 15, 15, 15
    GHD Hypers 15, 15
    Calf raises 1/2: 25/50, 25/50
    Shrugs 135×12, 185×12, 185×12, 185×12