Session 2 – Week 3 – Cycle 3

Cycle 3 – Week 3 – Session 2

Intensity – 90%

Notes: This is a load week but with great focus you should be able to make all of your lifts.

A.) Sots Press – 3×5
Snatch Balance – 5×2
Barwork / pulls


B.) Snatch – 3 pos DL – Target goal is 80% of your 1rm, after that 3 misses and your done
FS – 5×2 w / pause 1st rep
RDL’s – 6×5


C.) Navy Seal Sit ups – 40
Extra – Tricep / Biceps

Thoughts for the day: Think about what you do what you do. Remember why you started. Usually it wasn’t to be the best, it was the feeling you got from doing what you do. Stick with it, take the small victories.


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