So You Want to Be Stronger, Faster and Healthier?



SFH: Stronger, Healthier, Faster

-Coach Julie 

Ever wonder what people are shaking up in those weird plastic containers that sound like they have metal in them? As soon as the workout is over there are a number of athletes that head right to the water fountain or right to the athlete’s fridge and start shaking. What are they doing and why? Should I be doing that? What does it do any ways? Does it really help? Is that chocolate?!

So being totally honest, when I first started out on my CrossFit and weight lifting adventure, I was not a fan of protein shakes. I am pretty particular about what I eat and drink as far as being local and organic, so powder and water seems very unnatural. But I quickly came to realize that it is extremely hard to eat and drink all the right things, at the right time and the right amount to reach my fitness goals. This is where SFH protein shake supplements come in. Instead of having to worry about eating steak 30 minutes or less after my workout, I can supplement that protein with a delicious chocolate shake.

I eat as locally organic as possible, but I also supplement some of my diet by drinking one to two SFH protein shakes a day. Here is my simplest answer why; SFH is the most “natural” protein powder on the market. Not only does it come from grass fed animals, but everything they do in manufacturing is kept to the highest standards possible to ensure the least amount of unnecessary products and processing.

Why SFH? Here comes the bullet points:

*SFH protein is low glycemic, also containing NO SOY or NO GMO products

*SFH is made from pure whey proteins which is fresh milk, not by-products of cheese

*SFH is specifically designed to boost immune system and speed up recovery

*SFH has increased glutathione levels that help bodies ward off infections and toxins

*SFH has no “natural flavorings” NO fructose, fake sugar, dyes, MSG, or aspartame

I have done my own research and personally emailed the company with numerous questions to be able to say this: SFH has found a way to make the best quality protein supplement money can buy. They believe in giving their customers the cleanest form of protein and fish oil (another blog post to come), possible. I believe that supplementing with SFH does not only decreases my recovery time after CrossFit workouts and weight lifting, but it has enabled me to continue training hard and not have to eat my bodyweight in grams of protein.

In life I like to do what makes sense; lift weights to keep my bones strong, exercise regularly to keep my heart strong, eat local and organic food, and limit alcohol intake :). When considering supplements, SFH simply makes sense. Think about it like a Vitamin C supplement, you don’t have to take one everyday because you can eat pineapple, peppers and oranges, but if you had to take one, wouldn’t you want it to be in the purest form possible?

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