Wednesday 02262014

The Open Schedule

The CrossFit Open season will officially start February 27th with the announcement of workout 14.1.   The Open workouts will be programmed every Friday for all classes.  The Open workouts will also be programmed for the Competitor Sports Class every Saturday from 12 – 1 pm with the remainder of the class time being used for skill/strength training.

If you’re not participating in the Open, please feel free to come and cheer on the CFP community members that are.  This is a great time to build our camaraderie within our team!  Sea of Red and Black!




A.   In Teams of 2 

10 Rounds (You go I go) 

5/5 x Strict Pull-ups 

10/10 x Air Squats 

5/5 x BOB


A.  In Teams of 2 

10 Rounds (You go I go) 

3/3 x Muscle-ups or 6/6 x C2B Pull-ups 

5/5 x OHS @ 95lb/65lb +++ 

5/5 x BOB 


A.  In Teams of 2 

10 Rounds (You go I go) 

3/3 x Muscle-ups

5/5 x OHS @ 135lb/95lb  

5/5 x BOB 

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11 Responses
  1. Lindsey Grace

    Just getting back from vacation. Couldn’t make it in today but did a similar “home WOD”

    10 rounds

    6 push ups
    10 air squats
    5 “pillow over” burpees

    Ready to see everyone and get back into the swing if things!

  2. Jessi A

    Tweaked my knee on Monday, so Matt had me do 20 minutes on the assault bike and every 5 minutes get off and do 10 push-ups and 5 pull-ups. Knee felt better after the assault bike and quad smashing. I’m hoping its back to normal for the Open!

  3. Marcy

    Fun WOD tonight with my guy as my partner!
    Per round I did the 5 pullups with a wide blue and skinny red band, added a 35# bar to my 5 squats (did backsquats), and the 5 burpees over bar.
    John lied to me when I asked him if it was our 10th round and he said it was just our 9th, cause he wanted to do 11 rounds instead of 10. Sneaky guy! We finished in 15:57

    1. Marcy

      John did ring rows instead of pullups to protect his shoulder, added a 65# bar to his (front) squats, and burbees over bar.

  4. JennF

    Partnered up with Jech… C2B with bands for me lil weak, but movement felt better. OHS with 85 pounds, felt good until the last round.

    18:28… coulda sworn we did an extra round.

    I love those WODs that sneak up on you… the tiny rests are my friend.

    1. Sara Jech

      GREAT WOD with Jenn!!!!!!
      C2B were tough for me, arms and shoulders pretty sore for some reason!!! Restin’ up before Sat!
      OHS felt GREAT…..

      We quite possibly did an extra… Hopefully I have a good counter for the Open

  5. Susan Kian

    8-9 rounds without a partner
    6 pull ups weighted with 28 lbs!
    Ohs 65#
    8-10 ball slams

    Last 6 minutes did air dyne