Test Week Tips!

CrossFit Progression Test Week

By Jenna M.

We’re a few days away from TEST WEEK and although we’re sure to see many, many PR’s, the mere thought of testing 1 rep maxes causes anxiety for some.

Never fear; we’ve got some tips to make sure your test week is relaxing, empowering, and FUN.

  1. Don’t Stress.  You’re here because you want improvement, but failing to PR does not define you, or make you a failure.  Test Week is an opportunity to take a snap shot and progress from here.
  2. Don’t sacrifice form for a PR.  Bad form is as good as a no rep.  Or worse.  Why cheat yourself?  Keep your form a high priority this week.
  3. Take care of yourself.  Get a good night’s sleep, hydrate a bit more than usual, and keep your diet clean.
  4. Breathe & Visualize.  Take a HUGE deep breath & visualize a successful lift before each attempt.  You only have to focus for 3 seconds (1 rep).  Use all of your energy right then; not the hours before fretting over what weight you may or may not lift.
  5. Listen.  To your body and your Coaches.  Don’t risk hurting yourself for the sake of getting a PR.  Heed warnings from the Coaches on form and recommended attempts.
  6. Cheer on your friends. Focus your energy on encouraging others between your attempts instead of letting negative energy take over.
  7. HAVE FUN.  This week is a test that you cannot fail.  You’re just assessing where you are right now so you know exactly where you want to be next time.

Get after it, kids.

CrossFit Progression Test Week

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