The 3rd Annual Turkey Throwdown!!! November 22nd 2014

turkey throwdown

Behold it is that time of the year! The 3rd annual Turkey Throwdown will take place Saturday November 22nd at CrossFit Progression. As usual teams will be 2 men and 2 women. Festivities will start at 9am sharp so make sure you show up before hand to talk strategy and to warm up with your team. Stay tuned to the website and our Facebook page for WOD announcements. Follow this link to sign up! (spaces always fill up fast so get on it!)

Dressing up and having a good time is highly suggested

Message  [email protected] or post on the Facebook event with more questions.


Work out release for the turkey throw down!!!!

WOD #1 

Snatches and Clean and Jerks

1 man and 1 women – 3 attempts to get heaviest Snatch
1 man and 1 women – 3 attempts to get heaviest clean and jerk

10 minutes to warm up for each then it is 3 min. EMOM for heaviest lift
Each person will get 3 minutes to get there lifts in being performed every minute on the minute.

Standard range of motions
power variations are okay
extreme press outs or any other part of the body besides the feet touching the ground will be no-repped.

The partners not lifting will be allowed to help load weights.

Here is some motivation for your lifting! The following are a couple of world records broken at this years world championships!…/




Burpee Tire Flips – 3 min. AMRAP

In pairs of 2 perform as many Burpee tire flips as possible.

– There are 2 Tires, One is heavy, the other is heavier. 2 people will be working on a tire.
– You must perform a full burpee before flipping the tire.
– After flipping the tire over once, into a flat position you must hop through the tire to the opposite side.
– Once both partners are on the opposite side of the tire repeat the burpee tire flip back the opposite direction.
– The team with the most combined burpee tire flips wins!


WOD # 3

The 4 x 200

For Time

200 Thrusters – (45/35)

200 Russian KB swings – (1.5/1)

200 Burpees

200m Row – each partner rows 200m to finish the workout.


This is a chipper style workout. You must finish one movement before you move onto the next.

Only 1 person can be working at a time.

Partition the reps how ever you would like.

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