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“The Group” it’s the people you let see you going through physical pain and struggle probably about 3-5 times per week. Whether it’s your box, weightlifting club, or neighborhood walking group, these are a group of people who get to see a different side of you. Usually all you know about these people is how hard they train. What makes groups like these so effective? Why don’t people just train on their own, group work sucks, doesn’t it? This is a different kind of group, one that drives you in a way like none other can.

One of the biggest driving factors in a group atmosphere at least at first is this idea of not being last. Nobody likes being last, the weakest, the worst at something. Whether it was at your first job, the first time you played any sport, the first time you decided to work out, everyone has started at the bottom at one time or another in their life. For most people being at the bottom, or the worst in a group triggers an inner struggle or a wake up call. You can’t quit because you have already joined said group, but this driving force of “not being last” is setting off bells of change. So you decide to get better. It is this false pressure of “not being last” in a group that will start to push you in a positive direction to break through psychological and physical barriers to do things you normally would not have been able to do on your own.

It won’t take long in a group setting to realize there is always going to be someone better and someone worse than you, finishing last is inevitable, but so is getting better and growing as an individual. It’s a group effort, everyone just wants to see the group succeed. Soon this pressure of “not being last” will fade away or at least move to the back of your conscience. It is at this point there is going to be a light bulb moment in your development.  As the consistency and quality of the group improves so does the consistency of the results produced by the group. You will realize that the more you let yourself become apart of this group the more you are able to enjoy in others success, as well as your own. Embrace the blood, sweat, and tears, shared by the group and the end results are virtually limitless.

There is a quote from my favorite weightlifting article written by Matt Foreman that has been in my mind lately “ The strength in your heart will be the determining factor in your weightlifting career”. I think this can also apply to the groups in your life, the Strength of your group or community, will be the determining factor of your end results.


Written by: Nic Scudamore

Lift heavy, lift often, dream, and repeat.

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  1. Carlos Racedo

    I think that if it was not for CFP the experience of moving from PA to MN and adapting would have been actually hard. But the box has allowed me and my wife to find center and release and actually enjoy the pursuit of our goals here in Rochester. I thank you all.