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Just another 4:30 class
Just another 4:30 class
  • CFP is proud to host the level 1 Pendlay Weight Lifting seminar by MuscledriverUSA on February 9th.  Glenn Pendlay is one of the top Olympic Lifting Coaches in the US, coaching some of the top lifters in the country.  This is a 1 day hands on seminar, the registration fee is 200 dollars.  Limited to the first 30 participants, follow this Link to register.
  • The Super Friends Throwdown is on February 23rd starting at 9 am.  Teams of 4 battling it out through 5 plus events guarantees that this is going to be fun and crazy Throwdown.  Teams must register before January 28th to get a t-shirt for the event.  Limited to 12 teams, follow this link to register.

Fitness and Performance


A1.  Close Grip Bench Press – 5 x ME @ 75% body weight Males/ 50% body weight Females  

A2.  Strict Pull-ups/Ring Rows – 5 x ME  

B1.  Dips/Ring Dips – 3 x 10-15 w/30 Sec Rest 

B2.  Dumbbell/Kettlebell Bent Rows – 3 x 10-15 (R/L) w/30 Sec Rest 

B3.  GH Raises – 3 x ME w/30 Sec Rest 

B4.  Snatch Press Strict – 3 x ME @ 45lb/35lb w/30 Sec Rest 

B5.  Banded Pull-aparts – 3 x ME w/30 Sec Rest 

C.  Partner Suicides 

6 Min AMRAP (You go I go) 

Suicide Run 


10K Recovery Row 

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6 Responses
  1. Bryan Donaldson

    Good strength day! Oh, except I have a wingspan wider than Michael Phelps and that is a long way to move weights 🙂
    Runs with Chris Tuttle : 30-5/6

  2. DK

    Oly night! Still working technique on Snatch but feeling better. C&J felt really good. Front squats good. Awesome night!