Thursday 03222012


A.  Perform the following for total time: 

1000M Row or 800M Run 

Rest 3 minutes  

4 Rounds AFAP 

15 x Burpees 

20 x Russian Swings 2/1.5 poood 

Rest 3 minutes

60 x Wallballs 20lb/14lb 

Rest 3 minutes 

4 x <-> Sprint

30 sec rest

3 x <-> Sprint 

30 sec rest 

2 x <-> Sprint 

30 sec rest 

1 x <-> Sprint 

-Post results under comments  



5 Responses
  1. Steve Vinz

    WOD, 29:00….that was a great workout! For me, I really enjoy the workouts that don’t have such a focus on weightlifting. I felt the 60 wallballs were the most challenging. Good job Matt!

  2. Tammy

    26:35…challenging workout and definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone…i find myself being able to do things i never dreamed possible. love working out with the cfp community and coaches…all of you encourage me to keep moving/going…i definitely would not do this if i were working out alone. burpees were tough! great work, everyone!

  3. Jen Brickley

    32:02 I did everything but used the blue taped kettle bell. I second Mark, lol. I felt very low energy today for some reason, so I really struggled, but I got it done.