Wednesday 03212012


-CFP will be hosting a 1 day competition March 31st from 9am – 6pm.  There will be no classes that day, if you would like to volunteer or compete please follow this link to sign up.  Survival of the Fittest 

A.  Back Squat – 4 x 3 w/2 min Rest 

B1.  Pistols – 2 x 10-12 w/30 sec Rest 

B2.  Romanian Deadlifts – 2 x 8-10 Med Weight w/60 sec Rest  

C.  In teams of 3-4 complete: 

200 x Pull-ups 

200 x Toes through Rings  

200 x Air squats 

200 x Double unders /3:1 singles to double unders  

Complete all 200 reps of each movement before moving on, reps maybe partition anyway between teammates.  

-Post results under comments  

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12 Responses
  1. Kelle

    Backsquat (55)
    Pistols (scaled with rings)
    Romanian DL (75)

    Drew & Nate let me join their group for the WOD, thanks guys!

    WOD: 21:50

  2. believe0204

    First time post 🙂 3 person Group Brenda, Stacy and John, 19:34
    Stacy thanks for the fun outgoing determine leadership!!! 🙂

  3. Staci

    15:09 With my AWESOME partner Heather!!
    150 of pull-ups
    150 toes thru rings
    100 air squats
    100 singles/sit-up combo

  4. Cally Vinz

    Partnered with Keith and Todd — we had a plan and got through without a problem. I scaled the workout – toes to rings I did toes to bar(but then got the toes thru rings after the workout). Did singles and used a band for the pull ups. Love the team workouts, you get to know others and push each other.