Thursday 04172014

Coming soon?
Coming soon?

All Levels 

A.  12 Sets w/Partner

5 x Pull-ups (Strict)

5 x Dips or Ring Holds (10 Secs)

You go I go

B.  In Groups of 3-4

5 Min AB Calories (Partition as needed)

400M Group Run

5 Min Row Calories (Partition as needed)

400M Group Run

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2 Responses
  1. Paul Bye

    A. w/ Dave – doing strict pull-ups is one of those things that makes me realize how much progress I’ve made – prior to CrossFit I couldn’t do even one unassisted strict pull-up, today I was able to do 5 unassisted front grip, 5 unassisted reverse grip, and the rest strict with the blue band. Thanks to Bryce for the ring dip tips.
    B. w/ Dave and Dave – 37 cal AB, 93 cal row. Leg burner. Feels great!