Thursday 05242012


A.  20 Minutes of Muscle up/Pull-up progression and practice

B1.  3 x 3-5 MU or 8-10 Pull-ups

B2.  3 x 20-30 Double-unders

C.  12 Minute AMRAP 

10 x Hand release push-ups 

20 x Double unders 

200M Row 

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11 Responses
  1. jeff

    Thanks josh!!! I look like I’m pissed the bar is stuck on something at my crotch area ????:)

  2. Angela

    Thanks Alex, for the pull-up training & tips. I REALLY suck at pull-ups! Looking forward to improving those.
    WOD-6+35 (singles)

  3. Amy

    Did the workout at the Dan today.
    Pull ups 3×10
    WOD: 6 rounds, push-ups, 60 singles & 1/10 mi sprint.

  4. jeff

    Loved the kettlebell class!! One arm press set of 3 with 63, and a couple sets of 5 of the double kettlebell front squats with the 70’s, good starting point. Year and a half till I’m 40, and this class and the rest of crossfit are going to help me be the best built 40 year old i could ever be:) Thanks guys,and gals!!!

  5. jen

    thanks for a great KB class, Cory! One armed presses 5×5 with green handle KB (10kg), 5×15 1.5 pood swings, WOD: swings, mountain climbers, sit throughs, and pushups, and then some great stretching. Love it. Thanks!

  6. Jess L

    6 rounds +2…..push ups, slam balls and rowing. Practiced muscle ups thank you Jeremy for the tips!

  7. Staci

    Oly Lifting Class. Worked on my form. Building back up to my pre-injury back squat weight. Lifts are feeling good.

  8. Ben

    I can’t jump rope for sh*t…

    Wod 5+6 singles
    Muscle ups were interesting
    I think I did my first Kipping pullup!