Thursday 07/31/2014

Flashback Photo.  =-)
Flashback Photo. =-)


A.) Clean and Jerk – 8×1 @ 85% 2 min break or less
B.) 8 rounds w/ partner – Handstand hold / planks and Sprints –
1 partner holds the hand stand while the other sprints across the parking lot to the grass then sprints back.



A.) Clean and Jerk – 8×1 @ 85% – EMOM
B.) 8 to 1 ladder HSP if alone. If partnered sport athletes should do shoulder taps with a goal number each round.
Sprint to grass and back between each set, sport teams may rest as needed to facilitate an actual sprint.
Accessory work:

EMOM 10 min
1-3 muscle ups
If you don’t have muscle ups spend 15-20 min on progressions

-Results to comments!

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3 Responses
  1. Sara G

    A. 85, 90 x2, 95 x2, 100 x2, 105
    B. 9:07 with Jeremy & Patrick – I hate sprints, but I know they’re good for me! 🙂

  2. Paul Bye

    A. 95-135-165-165-185-185-185-185-185-165. Felt slow on getting under the bar on the jerk, sometimes I have to remind myself that I actually am making progress even if some days feel slower than others.
    B. 8:45 w/ Jason. Love sprints! Don’t so much love handstand holds, but I did ok with those.

  3. JennF

    A. 125×8 EMOM
    B. Did the 8! ladder… with strict HSPU, but using 2 abmats– that’s probably really cheating.. I probably look like I’m trying to sprint soo hard when doing this, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. Time to unleash the plow!