Thursday 08152013


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Remember this guy?
Remember this guy?

Fitness – Performance 

A.  Take 20 Minutes to Practice the Kipping Pull-up or HSPU

B.  For time:

2000M Row

4 Min Rest

1000M Row

3 Min Rest

500M Row


A.  10K Recovery Row 

B.  Mobility 

-Post results under comments  

4 Responses
  1. Paul Bye

    A. Kipping pull-up practice – it’s a process I guess. I almost got one today.
    B. Total time = 19:54, but I mistakenly took a 2-minute break instead of a 3-minute break on the last round, so really it would have been 20:54 with the extra minute of rest. I beat my 2k PR from last week by .8 seconds though, and managed to maintain the under 2/500 pace the rest of the way.
    Great to have some additional coaching perspectives today, thanks Michael and Shawn!