Wednesday 08142013

Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet

Fitness – Performance

A.   Take 20 Minutes to establish a 1 rep max Push Press

B.  Open WOD 11.2

15 Min AMRAP

9 x Deadlifts @ 155lb/105lb

12 x HR Push-ups

15 x Box jumps @ 24inch/20inch


A.  Establish the Heaviest UB Set of TNG Cleans

B.  Open WOD 11.2

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24 Responses
  1. Carrie

    A. 155# maybe could’ve done more but ran out of time.
    B. 5+24. 105# deadlift. 20inch box. Good workout. I like these. Got a good sweat going this morning!!

    1. Sara Jech

      Afternoon KB WOD
      3 Rounds
      R/L 5-1 Ladder @ 30lbs
      1 H Swing
      High Pull

      8 Rounds @ 45lbs
      10 x 2 Hand Swings
      5 x Goblet Squats
      Ab mat sit ups OR Russian Twists OR Leg Lifts OR Divers in between rounds

      Looking forward to tomorrow’s rest day!

  2. Joel

    A. Established 1-rep max at 155#
    B. 5 + 21 @ 95# and 20″ box. Probably could have gone with more weight but didn’t know for sure how it would go. Knee felt funky during a couple of rounds of box jumps so went from jumps to step-ups.

  3. Jennifer Brickley

    25# PR at 100 lbs. (haven’t tested this for awhile!)
    WOD was great fun. Deadlift 95#, 16 box. 7 + 13.
    I love these PR weeks. Unfortunately I have been out of town for a lot of them, so I hope they keep rotating through! The skills practice too.

  4. Brandon

    A: 185 (+40Pr)
    B: 8+11 Rx. Had to switch to step-ups after 2 rounds because I tweaked my calf on a rebound.

  5. Alexi

    A. Attempted a 10# PR, failed it. Attempted my old PR of 205#, got it up about 3/4 of the way, but my shoulders failed. Was kinda tired at 8am, I did a bunch of thrusters, bench presses, and dips yesterday, so my shoulders were a little tired, and I didn’t have Matt yelling at me from over my shoulder. Oh well, no big deal.
    B. I believe I did 6+22 reps.

  6. Susan Kian

    Push press. Was below my 150 pr…did 135 and then went for 145 but failed. I stopped at that point because my shoulders felt kinda horrible. Need a rest day pretty bad.
    11.2 Rx (box jumps) 8 +15. I liked the workout but the hand release push-ups are so slow! I wanted to do them fast and in a row!

  7. JennF

    A. 140 (match )
    b. 7 +32 Rx really liked this workout.. Im sure I wormed a few HR push ups… but needed some stress relief tonight, and this was the ticket… much better than, lets say… sprints 😉

  8. Nicole Chovan

    A. TNG Cleans 5×105, went to try 125 and it didn’t feel good on the shoulder, so I scaled it back.
    B. 9+25 Rx Loved this one! 🙂

    Practiced double unders again, getting better!