Thursday 12122013


Save the Date – Holiday Hoedown December 14th!!!   Starts at 7pm – 10pm


All levels

A.  20 Min AMRAP @ 80% effort 

Complete in any order  

250M Row 

10 x BB Box Step-ups (Drag the back foot)

4 x Wallwalks

10 x KB Bent Rows (5/5)

20 x Weighted Sit-ups

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5 Responses
  1. Crysta P

    A. 3 + 16(wallwalks,row,step ups)
    BB Box Step-ups w/ 16″ box, 15# bar
    KB rows w/ 12kg KB’s
    Weighted Sit-ups w/ 17# dumbbell
    Wallwalks killed me. These freak me out. In retrospect I should have left them for last on the last round.

  2. Sara J

    Active rest day at home
    100 squats
    90 sit ups
    80 walking lunges
    70 burpees
    60 sec plank
    50 Mt. climbers
    40 push ups
    30 hollow rocks
    20 jump squats
    10 HR push ups

    pretty goods one. felt good to move with no weight

  3. Bryan Donaldson

    4 rounds
    24″ step ups
    Wall walks
    KB rows @ 1.5 pood
    Sit-ups w/ 25lb DB

    Juli says I’ll feel the wall walks, we’ll see I guess.

  4. Nicole Chovan

    Susan you are absolutely nuts.

    Active Recovery….Nic’s oly class! Embarrassed to say it’s the first time I’ve been over there since we moved. Learned a ton! 🙂 Will be going back!