Travel WOD’s: Beach Edition

So you’re headed for warmer weather!  The sun, the sand, the cocktails, and the excuses you find to stop your fitness regimen for 7 straight days.  Yeah… I’m calling you out.

We’ve all done it.  It’s spectacularly easy to find ways to skip your workout while on vacation.  Sometimes we even make a conscious decision before we get on that plane that we’re going to give our body a much needed rest.  B.S.  Let’s be honest; that’s just another excuse we use.  Next time, use your new, (and most likely gorgeous) environment as an inspiration for your daily sweat session.

Pack your jump rope for sure and if you’re feeling ambitious, (and awesome) pack an empty sand bag, which you’ll promptly fill up with that soft, white sand once you’ve reached your destination.  Both items are small and light weight and can make for an awesome beach WOD.

Speaking of beach WOD’s… here are 3 Beach WOD’s, (that require zero equipment) in an IMAGE format that you can screen shot and save to your phone and take with you!  Hear that??  That was your excuses floating away into the sunset.

Safe travels and have fun kids!

BEACH WOD CrossFit Progression

Beach WOD CrossFit Progression

Beach WOD CrossFit Progression