Open Prep: Grease the Groove


“GTG” (Grease the Groove) is going to be the final piece to add to your open prep during the next couple of weeks. GTG is one of many ways to develop a ton of quick strength. This will be great considering we have two and a half weeks before the open starts. If you are close, or want to get a body weight skill like Push ups, Pull ups, Muscle Ups, etc. this is what you need to be doing for the next couple weeks. YOU CAN get your skills down by the open, get your mind right and get in the gym.

Read this article only if you like becoming more awesome. (this is everything you need to know about GTG)

After reading this you may be wondering how you are going to perform GTG with movements like Pull Ups and Muscle Ups if you don’t have the equipment. The answer is simple come to CFP more often. Even if you come into the gym 3 times, for an hour each time you can work on greasing the groove. Here would be how I would approach it. REMEMBER this is a sub maximal effort, you should not be worn out after performing a few sets, THIS IS KEY.

Lets say my max # of strict pull ups is 3. Everytime I walk by a pull up bar in the gym I’m going to do 1 perfect strict pull up. So as soon as I walk into the gym and put my gym bag away I would do a strict pull up. Right before class starts I would do another strict pull up. Then after the warm up and before the white board discussion I would do another strict pull up. Then after the strength portion of the daily work out I would do another pull up. Then post training I would do another pull up. Last but not least I would do 1 more pull up right before leaving the gym.

This protocol will work with any body weight movement and will be a great way to not only maintain your strength throughout the 5 weeks of the CF Open but increase your strength significantly. AGAIN feeling fresh and recovered for every single rep is key to this working. If you are struggling to finish reps then you are doing too many. Be real with yourself, and you will get real results. Also on a side note post workout after a gnarley WOD is not always ideal, so wait and give your muscles time to recover.

If you can’t do a pull up, dont worry. Think about your progressions, ring rows, negative jumping pull ups, Pull ups, C2B, Bar Muscle Up, Strict ring muscle up, etc. If you have questions ask or re read the article above again.


Do a pull up as soon as you walk in the gym, be awesome everyday.

Be well, always.


Coach Nic

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  1. Mark Michalski

    I love reading Zach’s stuff. Him, Poloquin, and Ross Enamait are always good (although Enamait does sh*t on Crossfit a lot, he has a lot to offer).