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Date:  Sunday, February 16 

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A.  Back Squats – 5 x 10 w/2 – 3 Min Rest 


40 x WB 

20 x Jumping C2B Pull-ups 

30 x WB 

15 x Jumping C2B Pull-ups 

20 x WB 

10 x Jumping C2B Pull-ups 

10 x WB 

5 x Jumping C2B Pull-ups 

Performance – Sport 

A1.  Front Squats – 3 x 5 w/30 – 45 Sec Rest 

A2. Back Squats – 3 x 10 w/2 – 3 Min Rest 


40 x WB 

20 x C2B Pull-ups 

30 x WB 

15 x C2B Pull-ups 

20 x WB 

10 x C2B Pull-ups 

10 x WB 

5 x C2B Pull-ups 

@ 20lb/14lb  (Sport @ 25lb/16lb) 

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16 Responses
  1. Carrie

    A. Knees were very sore when squating today. Don’t know why. Kept weight light. 85-95#. Worked on form
    B. 10:13. 14# WB. Thin green band. Maybe got some C2B with band. Should’ve pushed harder but just didn’t have energy today.

  2. Jason

    A. Hip has been really hurting the last couple of days, so I only put 95-105 lbs on the bar today, Just trying to keep form and do good work.
    B. 10:55, 16# WB started with blue band for C2B, but switched to green after first set took way to long.

  3. Josh

    A.) 155, 165, 185 – Legs felt like jello today – actually got wobbly and cramped a bit before part B.
    B.) 6:55 Rx – Did all the WB unbroken which helped make up for the very slow C2B kipping PUs. First set did 12 C2B unbroken, but it was five or less from then on out. I’m going to be feeling this one tomorrow for sure…in the legs.

  4. Teresa

    a) 95, 105, 115 – started to lean forward at 115. Need to work on keeping form
    b) Green band. Great WOD! Unsure on the time as I forgot to start the clock at CFP Strength.

    I have been fighting a cold for about 3 weeks. Felt great to be able to do a WOD with only one coughing attack 🙂

  5. Megan

    A. FS &BS 85#
    Felt rough today!
    B. 8:? 12# wallball
    Thin blue banded pull ups
    Wow felt better than I thought it would:)

  6. Nicole Chovan

    A1. 155-165-175
    A2. 155-165-175
    B. 10:00. Struggled to stay on the bar for C2B. For wallballs, I just felt like the ball kept coming down funny. Rough one today. Felt good coming into the workout but after the squats I didn’t feel as prepared.

  7. Staci Vinz

    A1. 155-165-175
    A2. 155-166-175
    Squats did not feel stellar today
    B. 9:36. C2B went well, but the right side of my back got really tight doing wall balls. Managed to get through it, but not the most comfortable feeling.
    60 GHD’s

  8. JennF

    A1/A2. 125-135-155
    B. 10:28 14 pound WB against the garage door (planned breaks and stuck to them with 5-10 second rests when dropped–worked well). C2b/PU more frequently pull ups. Skinny red and orange band. Felt ok… slow.

    Tried the GHD.. thanks Staci and Jessi for the help. 50 done… hoping this will increase my core strength for goal of unassisted pullups by mid year.

    5 min double under attempts while my kiddos did CFP kids.. NONE… ARRGH… I am DISCOURAGED. Hopeful for Sunday!!

  9. Sara J

    A. 135-1755-160
    B. 9:14….. 16lb wall balls and kipping pull ups. C2B just isn’t happening. ….
    first 40 wall balls went unbroken then broke them up in sets of ten
    pull ups were sets of 3-5 to start with then down to 1-3…..
    exhausted after this one! !

  10. Paul Bye

    A. Completed – @155#. Still focusing on form and what grip works best for front squats – the crossed-arms seemed to work ok as long as I get the bar balanced on my shoulders right.
    B. 9:00 – @20# wallballs, jumping C2B. Wallballs actually went pretty well, first 32 unbroken. By the end C2B was more just a pull-up.

  11. Jessi

    A. 65-70-75 I feel like I should be squatting more than this, but these felt sort of hard as is? I don’t ever know how far to push myself on these.
    B. 9:25 10# ball, small green + small red bands for pull-ups. Getting the hang of stringing kipping pull-ups together, but still only at about 5 and when I get tired it’s a little trickier. Really want to start weaning myself of these bands!!

    40 GHDs…slowly working my way back up. I wanted to get at least 50 but my head really started hurting (???) so I stopped.

    1. Staci

      Jessi- Try picking one point on the ceiling and look at it while doing your GHD’s. This will keep your head from whipping back and forth and should help eliminate headaches.