Tuesday 03062012

CFP Health Challenge Winner Kevin! 250 bucks!

A1.  Romanian Deadlifts – 3 x 8 w/45 sec rest 

A2.  Kettlebell Presses – 3 x8-10 w/45 sec rest 

A3.  TGU – 3 x 5 (L/R) w/60 sec rest 

Perform movements as a circuit, for example, perform 1 set of A1/rest, 1 set of A2/rest, 1 set of A3/rest and repeat.  

B.  AFAP (As Fast As Possible!!!!):

1000m Row 

Followed by… 

5 Rounds 

20 x Russian Kettlebell Swings (Heavy) 

50 x Double-unders (100 singles)  

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5 Responses
  1. jen

    11:57, 800m run, singles, 1 pood. So nice to run outside!!
    My run was improved- much thanks to Josh for the help on run training!