Tuesday 04102012

Shelly Farrow Arnold

A1.  Pistols – 3 x 12 (Alternating) 

A2.  Shoulder Touches – 3 x 10 (Alternating) 

Substitute Max effort Handstand holds if you’re unable to perform shoulder touches. 

B.  5 rounds AFAP: 

20 x Pistols 

20 x V-ups 

200M Row 

C.  3 x 15 Back Extensions 

-Post results under comments 

11 Responses
  1. Steve Vinz

    WOD; 20:10. Blue band for pistols. Shoulder touches and V-Ups were the most difficult. Did 5X15 back extensions….felt good.

  2. Scott Gamb

    Oly class then WOD: 18:50 :-/
    It’s Addison’s fault! He didn’t have a rower ready for me!
    Ok fine, I was real slow on V-ups, never really done them before, took a little while to get a groove going with ’em.  Green band on pistols.

  3. Staci

    Got my first unassisted pistols today and my first shoulder touches– Booya!!!!
    18:06 blue banded pistols
    P.S. V-ups are not for gangly people!!!!
    Oly lifting class: snatch, FS, Romanian DL
    Great night of working out!!!

  4. Cally Vinz

    Green band pistols, V-ups looked pretty ugly. Gotta work on core strength! Still afraid of the handstand (hurts my wrists too). Back extensions easier than I thought 3X15

  5. Dawn Johnson. did 1 legged squats on raised surface. Tucks instead of V-sits but did try a few V-sits but illo-psoas weak today. Rowed around a 2:05/500 av pace. Total 15:10

  6. jen

    5x 20 reps 15# ball slam, 20 Vups, and 5 strict pullups with red band – 15:51. I agree, the Vups are a good challenge for those with spider legs. Good workout and thanks Matt for the substitutions. Many thanks too to Josh and Jeremy with the kids wod – they had a blast!