Tuesday 04152014




A1.  Strict Press – 5 x 5 w/30 Sec Rest 

A2.  Heavy Russian Swings – 5 x 10 w/2 Min Rest 

B.  3 Sets for Load 

10 x TNG DL 

2 Min AB or Row 

3 Min Rest 


A1.  Push Press – 5 x 5 w/30 Sec Rest 

A2.  Heavy Russian Swings – 5  x 10 w/2 Min Rest 

B.  3 Sets for Load 

10 x TNG DL 

2 Min AB or Row

3 Min Rest 

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11 Responses
  1. Carrie

    A. 85-105-115-125-135. 20# more than 2 weeks ago!! Really like the strength programming.
    B. With the hubby. 14:35. 125-145-145. That bike might be worse than burpees

  2. Crysta P

    A1. 55, 60, 65, 75, 85 (new 5RM) – should have gone heavier sooner.
    A2. 1.5 pood – I do appreciate the tips Matt.
    B. the Matt special hellish leg burn workout w/ Susan (because the squats and squat cleans yesterday weren’t enough fun for my legs…lol…)
    DL @ 105, 115, 135 and AB – 14:55-ish
    I do appreciate the supportive yelling that I need to go heavier on my DL, you shamed me into adding 20# to my last set. I was unable to keep the bleeping AB at 65rpm, probably closer to 55 because more than than made me want to puke. I truly hate the AB which has made me actually like burpees and rowing…
    Thanks for a good workout Matt, I may or may not be able to walk later today, enjoy the comments.

  3. Josh Hoekstra

    A.) 145, 165, 165, 165, 165 PP – 2 pood swings
    B.) 135, 185, 205 then worked to keep RPM on AB at 65+

  4. Jason


    A) 95, 115, 125, 125, 135 PP – 2 pood swings, Probably should have started heaver on the PP, but I notice I come up on to my toes often and wanted to make sure to stay back.
    B) 185, 205, 215, AB at 65+

  5. Nicole Chovan

    A1. 105-115-125-125×3-125×3 –Juli said to keep my heels on the ground after round 3 which made it much more difficult!
    A2. Done with 1.5 pood.
    B. 155-165-175. 12 cals each time. 13:38 I believe. Hate that damn thing!
    C1. Done. 2 inch deficit. Shoulders are smoked.
    C2. 8/10/11/10/12
    D. Done 20lb dumbbells. 10/11/10/10

  6. Lindsey Grace

    Home WOD
    Warm up: 2 min run, 2 min squat hold, 25 burpees, 25 divers

    21 DB thrusters (60#)
    2 min sprint
    3 min rest
    15 DB thrusters
    2 min sprint
    3 min rest
    9 DB thrusters
    2 min sprint

    Not bad….

  7. Sara G

    A1. 55, 60, 65, 70, 75
    A2. Green KB
    B. AB & DL @ 115, 135, 165 – thanks for the push at the end Matt!
    Although my legs feel like jello, I really liked this workout.

  8. Cally

    A1. 65, 75, 95/85, 75, 85
    A2. yellow KB
    B. Row and DL
    Fun workout! Enjoy the partner workouts. Matt, you created a nice environment in the gym!

  9. Marcy

    A1. PP @45; 50; 55; 60; 65 (All the racks were being used so I cleaned it from the floor)
    A2. Yellow bell
    B. DL @85; 105; 135 and rowing

  10. Paul Bye

    Warmup. I hit an exact 175m 🙂
    A1. 115-135-155-165-175
    A2. Russian Swings @2 pood
    B. Partner WOD – Completed – @185# DL. Definitely on burnout on the rows by the end.
    Great workout!

  11. JennF

    Worked on some Dubs prior to class.
    A. 105-115-125-130?? not sure those were the weights. Didn’t have time for 5th round. American swings with Black KB.
    B. DL-145-155-170 (again not certain this was my progression, but it was my ending weight). Around 12 cal each 2min on AB… which was TERRIBLE
    Attempted max deficit HSPUs but my shoulders were done– at Competitors class Saturday I did a few with a 1 inch deficit. Tonight, I barely could kip 1x with the yoga mats.. no deficit!!
    Skipped the T2B.
    3 rounds 15 GHD and a reverse plank for about 40 sec holding a 15 pound weighted ball.