-The CFP Kettlebell Class starts today at 5:30 pm in the progression room!  RKC instructor Cory Felderman will be teaching basic RKC movements with a combination of body weight movements to create a fun and effective workout for all skill levels. 

-Regular CrossFit Class will also be as scheduled at 5:30pm in the Main Room.  

-CrossFit Kids tonight at 6:30pm.

New CFP fight shorts for men and women are available for 45.00!  Check them out at the CFP retail section! 

A1.  Snatch Push Press – 5 x2 w/60 Sec Rest 

A2.  Snatch Balance – 5 x 2 w/90 Sec Rest 

B.  Back Squats – 1 x 20 (increase 5lbs from last week)

C.  Randy 

75 x Power Snatches @ 75lb/55lb 

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