Tuesday 07152014

Ladder Drills.
Ladder Drills.


A Back Squats 5×3 @70%

B. 15-12-9

Goblet Squat 45/35lb plate




A. Back Squats 5×3 @ 70%

B. 15-12-9

Double KB OHS 1.5/1

Strict T2B

HR Push up

–Results to comments!

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9 Responses
  1. Carrie

    A. 175#. Felt good
    B. 4:34. 25# plate. Still don’t have T2B but getting knees higher and feel
    Better holding onto bar
    Farmers carry and sprints. Felt good to do something besides run outside.

  2. Staci Vinz

    A. BS @ 175#
    B. Half “Michael”:
    400m run
    25 x back extensions
    25 x GHD’s
    * Still having shoulder issues, so stuck with running.

  3. Susan kian

    Squats at 175 I think

    WOD 6:35 sport minus the kb ohs. I don’t have even close to the mobility for that..will need to practice that. Tried to do most of the strict ttb unbroken but had to break up the middle set into two. My abs are not what they used to be so these were much harder than usual. I like that we do strict movements sometimes to build strength.

  4. JennF

    A. 175
    B. 6:30ish… Double purple kb overhead Squats.. Yelp! K2E,K2E,ttb, working on kipping the movement together with less “swinging like a monkey”.. Sometimes string a few ttb together.. Sometimes dropped and did singles. HR push ups. Challenging.
    Tire flips dubs practice and GHD while my monster did kids class.

  5. Paul Bye

    A. 135-185-205-205-205-205-205
    B. 4:15, @45# goblet squats, T2B and then K2E, HR push-ups
    C. The sprint/plank hold was a fun change-up 🙂