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Ron leading the pack
Ron leading the pack

The “MoFo” sequence

Starting this Tuesday and Saturday the strength programming will be super setting two separate movements to maximize density in training.  The structure is fairly simple and can be very tough.  If you’re newer to CrossFit, stick to the lighter weights to allow your body to adapt to this kind of stress.  

For today’s first MoFo sequence, the Back Squat and Push Press have been paired up.  Back Squats will start from the rack while the push presses will have to be cleaned from the ground.  It would be ideal to partner up with someone that is similar in strength and stature so that transition time from movement to movement is easier.

Explanation of the sequence: 

A.  Every 90 Secs for 10 Sets 

Even – 7 x Back Squats 

Odd – 7 x Push Presses 

-Load two bars to the appropriate weight leading with the warm-up, with this rep scheme 75% of your 1 rep max or less will be idea.  Percentages will be posted with the loading prescription for most MoFo sequences.  Clock should be set for 10 – 90 Second sets, with one partner starting with the Back Squats, and the other partner starting with the Push Presses.  For your first 90 Sec interval perform 7 reps of either the Back Squat or Push Press, rest the remainder of the period until the start of the 2nd interval.  On the 2nd interval perform 7 reps of the opposite movement you’re paired up with, so for example: Interval 1 – Back Squat x 7, Interval 2 – Push Press x 7.  

At the end of this sequence, you should have completed a total of 5 sets of Back Squats and 5 sets of Push Presses within 15 minutes.  

This sequence should be very hard, If you’re newer to CrossFit stick to a lighter weight to focus on technique and to allow your body to adapt to this kind of stress.  

~~ Coach 


A.  Every 90 Secs for 10 Sets 

Even – Back Squat x 7 

Odd – Push Press x 7 

B.  4 Rounds AFAP 

20 x Wallballs 

15 x Jumping Pull-ups 

10 x Push-ups 

2 Min Rest 

20 Min Cap 


A.  Every 90 Secs for 10 Sets 

Even – Back Squat x 7 @ 75%

Odd – Push Press x 7 @ 75%

B.  4 Rounds AFAP

25 x Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb

20 x Pull-ups 

15 x Dips or Push-ups 

2 Min Rest

20 Min Cap 


Level 2 

A.  EMOM for 5 Mins 

5 x Deficit HSPU 

Level 1 

A.  Every 15 Secs for 16 Sets 

2 x 6inch/4inch Deficit HSPU 

B.  4 Rounds UB AFAP 

25 x Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb 

20 x Pull-ups 

15 x Ring Dips/Dips 

2 Min Rest 

20 Min Cap 

Optional Accessory All Levels 

A.  5 Sets NFT 

10 x Pistols (Alternating) 

2 x Rope Climbs

-Post results under comments 


26 Responses
  1. Angela

    A. BS @ 140#, push press @ 100#
    I liked that MoFo! It was tough.
    B. performance 14#wb, red band, push ups. 18:03

  2. Carrie

    A. Back squat 185# push press 115#. Hard but really liked it
    B. 19:16. 12# WB. Green band for pull ups, push ups. Tough workout after all the lifting!!

  3. Roy Thompson

    Back squats were good now that I know where 75% is. @ 165
    Push Press even better @ 115

    Thank you for putting my arms in a blender this morning!
    Broke at round 2 on the pull ups switched to green Band and blue for dips.
    Arms are still a bit weak….

    All in all, still the best 1 hour of my day!

  4. Paul Bye

    A. Back Squat @165#, Push Press @115#. Back Squat definitely harder part – needs some work
    B. 17:50, 20# wallballs, jumping pull-ups, first round dips, last 3 rounds push-ups. That one qualifies as a “puker” (or very close!)
    Wallballs have to be my most improved thing since starting CrossFit, remembering the second beginner class with a 10 lb medicine ball I think I got through maybe 12…

  5. Nicole Chovan

    A. L2 done on 45 lb plates.
    B. 15:39? I think. I wrote it on the whiteboard and on my paper, just don’t have it in front of me.

    Did Matt’s strength program. Got through a good chunk of it but not all of it for today. 🙂

  6. Fred

    A. 155lb for back squats and 95 for the push press

    B. 16:13. I had to scale to banded pull-ups for round 3 and jumping for round 4. I did dips for the first 3 rounds and then had to scale to pushups. This may have been the most difficult WOD that I have done yet.

  7. Susan kian

    Hspu deficit is not easy for me…..but i gave it a shot. Started off ok but deteriorated quickly.

    Wod 19:19 tried to do as much as i could unbroken at least for wall balls and pullups… i had to break up the dips. I want to learn kipping dips but my timing is off so at this point it is easier ito do them strict. I will practice these some time on my own.

    Volleyball game!

  8. Staci Vinz

    A. BS @ 155/PP @ 110
    B. 3 rds + 51
    This WOD got me good. Light headed and dizzy from the start. This heat may have played a part in that. Successfully managed not to throw up!!!!

  9. Sara Jech

    A. Back squat @ 135, Push Press @ 85
    B. 13:14- Fitness
    Regretting (just a little bit) my KB Snatch workout last night- Shoulders are pretty sore right now

  10. Cally

    A. Back squat 95, Push press 55 (should have gone a little heavier but still protecting my knee
    B. 15:06 fitness (a little dizzy in round 3 from the heat – good workout, starting to push myself with the knee again. Twisting or quick movements are the only thing bothering now – FINALLY getting better!!)

  11. Jen B

    OMG. That was soooo hard. The MoFo wasn’t too bad, I went lighter since being gone for awhile.
    BS 115#, PP 65#. Probably could have gone higher on PP but BS was right where it should have been.
    WOD 17:48. Started with wall ball 14# and switched after 2 rds to 10. Forgot we had 12, should have done that. I was really fatigued. Pullups started 2 rds with red band then added thin blue. I am not sure I will be able to walk tomorrow. 🙂

  12. Sara G

    A. 75# back squats, 45# push presses
    B. Fitness, 16:11, 10# WB, jumping pull ups

    I’ve been at this CrossFit thing for 3 months now and I’m starting to think it’s time to push myself and do more of the performance WODs instead of fitness. I think I could’ve done the 5 extra WB’s, pull ups and push ups tonight and finished under the 20 minute cap.

  13. Back squat 95
    Push press 55
    Kept it light as its second week back.

    10# wallball
    Ring rows
    14:23 (or 14:28)

    It’s good to be back and looking forward to getting stong again.

  14. Malachi Johnson

    A.) 295# Back Squat 155# push press..Squats got tough at the end. Push press, I could have pushed it a little harder. That truly was a MOFO!!!!
    B.) 11:41 Fitness. Those jumping pull ups are harder than I thought they would be

    My legs will be hurting tomorrow, I can tell!

  15. Alex G

    A. 185 squat, 115 push press. Could’ve pushed it a bit more on the squat. Was a goodun Matt, more of these would be fun.
    B. 12:24

  16. Holly

    A. Back squat @ 135, Push Press @ 85
    B. 13:23
    I was really struggling with the kipping pull ups so switched to jumping pull ups instead.

  17. Holly

    A. Back squat @ 135, Push Press @ 85
    B. 13:23
    I was really struggling with the kipping pull ups so I switched jumping pulls ups.

  18. Todd J

    BS 155 PP 115 this was perfect weight by the last round at each I was spenmt but still able to do it.
    16:08 for the WOD wall balls were difficult after the BS

  19. Alexi

    A. 95# push press, 135-155# BS. Kept these at just under 50% of 1RM for me – didn’t want to push myself too hard on something I’d never done before. Still challenging.
    B. 12:03 Fitness w/14# WB, jumping pullups, and pushups. Honestly, not as bad as Monday’s power cleans and burpees.

  20. Steve Vinz

    A. 165lb Back Squat, 95lb Push Press (should have gone heavier).
    B. 16:00, 20lb wall ball, unassisted pullups, sit ups (should have done 1 or 2 rounds of bar dips).

    Fun workout Matt…..hard, but fun!

  21. Michael Licatino

    A. Like the MoFo sequence, will be good to see how these help build strength
    B. did performance Rx, 16:14. Brutal workout. I was gassed after the wallballs each time.