Tuesday 07302013


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A.  EMOM – 10 Mins 

Even – 3 x Back Squats 

Odd – 3 x Push Presses 

B.  3 Rounds AFAP  

20 x Sit-ups

20 x Box Jump Overs 

20 x Burpees 

3 Min Rest after each Round 



A.  EMOM – 10 Mins 

Even – 3 x Back Squats @ 85% 

Odd – 3 x Push Presses @ 85% 

B.  3 Rounds AFAP 

20 x T2B 

20 x Box Jump Overs @ 24inch/20inch 

20 x Burpees 

3 Min Rest after each Round 


Level 2 

EMOM – 10 Mins 

Even – 10 x HSPU 

Odd – 10 x Kettlebell Snatches @ 1.5 pood/1 pood 

Level 1 

EMOM – 10 Mins 

Even – 10 x HSPU @ 2inch/1inch deficit 

Odd – 10 x Kettlebell Snatches @ 1.5 pood/1 pood 

B.  3 Rounds AFAP 

20 x T2B 

20 x Box Jumps Overs @ 24inch/20inch 

20 x Burpees 

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18 Responses
  1. Alexi

    Couldn’t make it into CFP today so I did at the Dan Abraham center.
    A. BS @ 245 PP @ 175. Todays MOFO was MOFOing hard!
    B. Performance w/ K2E and 20″ box. Right around 16min. Very challenging. Almost puked on last round.

  2. Sara G

    95# back squats
    55# push presses – probably should have gone a bit heavier
    16:19 – performance, sit ups

  3. Fred

    165lb back squat and 115lb push press. I think my squat depth is getting better

    16:33 with K2E and 24inch box. My only comment is that burpees suck

  4. Bryan Donaldson

    At the firehouse : BS – 185, no bumper plates. PP – 115. WOD – 17:20 performance Rx.

  5. Cally

    A. 110# BS, 60# PP
    B. 16:33 (situps, step ups & 1 round of box jumps… first time in 1 year!)
    Great workout. Marcy is a great partner!!!

  6. Steve Vinz

    A. Back squat @ 205 lbs, Push press @ 115lbs.
    B. 19:45….T2B for all except the last 10 (did situps for those). 24 inch box jump overs and burpees.

    I enjoyed the workout…..need to work on my T2B and faster burpees.


  7. Carrie

    A. MoFo back squat 205# push press 105#. Really like these
    B. 16:11. Knees to hips. Ha ha. 20 inch box jumps 15 burpees.

  8. JennF

    A. MOFO with Angela 155 BS; 105 PP… probably my two fav moves.
    B. Performance Some T2b, some K2E and even some sit ups because my grip hurts, and I am soo slow at T2b… may be “that girl with gloves on” at the gym……somewhere just below 16 min I think.

    Working out in the AM just makes my day sooo much better!!!

    Now I’m going to run a few miles on the treadmill prepping for the Women Rock 10K.

  9. Sara J

    A. MoFo…… Back squat @ 145lbs (knees not feeling too great.. didn’t want to push too hard)….. Push Press @ 85lbs

    B. Performance 15:16
    First two rounds of K2E, Last round T2B (well at least 20 attempts….. Probably hit 8-10 or so)