Tuesday 08202013

The Health and Fitness Industry is Dead (And that includes you, Paleo).

…. Following the advice of the mainstream health and fitness industry has left us more diseased, broken, and fatter than ever before. They’re not only not helping us, they’re killing us.

The health and fitness industry truly jumped the shark with the introduction of loud-mouthed Jillian Michaels and television shows like The Biggest Loser. Motivating people to change long-term doesn’t come by way of screaming at broken people to be unbroken, no matter how great it may be for ratings……. Read the entire article HERE 


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Mingling or working?

Notes about Programming

The Fitness program will consist of body weight movements combined with basic barbell lifts to provide members with a focused and thorough plan while in the gym.  Quality and safety of movements rather than intensity of the work out is emphasized.  This program will be re-designed to promote healthy and safe fitness gains for members not accustom to the higher demands of the Performance programming.   This is for members that are newer to CrossFit or for those that are trying to improve their general strength and conditioning.   This is also a great option for the older athlete looking for longevity in their programming.    


A.  4 Set NFT 

8 x Goblet Squats 

45 Sec Rest 

8/8 x Renegade Rows 

45 Sec Rest 

B.  3 Sets AFAP 

15 x Push Presses 

15 x Calorie Row 

4 Min Rest 


A.  4 Sets NFT 

8/8 x Bulgarian Split Squats 

45 Sec Rest 

8 – 10 x Strict Close Grip Chin-ups 

45 Sec Rest 

B.  3 Sets AFAP 

9 x Push Presses 

12 x Back Squats 

15 x Calorie Row 

4 Min Rest 

@ 135lb/95lb 


A.  Push Press – 5 x 5 w/3 Min Rest 

B.  Every 90 Secs for 10 Sets 

3 x Power Cleans @ 245lb/145lb 

10 x Ring Push-ups 

Games Track 2014 

A.  Dip/Pull-up Complex:  3 Pull up 3 Dips 3 Pull up – narrow grip: 3 Dip: 3 Pull up – wide grip: 3 Dip: 3 Reverse Grip: 3 Dip: 3 Pull up – mixed grip: 3 Dip: 3 Pull up – mixed grip: 3 Dip: 3 Pull up – narrow handle pull: 3 Dip: 3 False Grip: 3 Dip: 3

B.  5 Sets AFAP 

20 x Bounds @ 24inch/20inch 

3 x <-> 10M Shuttle Run 

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17 Responses
  1. Cyndi

    Liking the new programming! Thanks for all the hard work and effort that goes j. To it every single day. However, this dip/pull-up complex… Holy moly, I might need a demonstration on that one.

  2. Megan R

    B) 2:43; 3:00; 3:00 (approx) pushups, squats @95, 15 cal row. damn those calorie rows! my arch nemesis! a sneaky hard WOD!

  3. Susan Kian

    5×5 push press increasing to 125 i think

    Performance wod rx 13:05

    A few sets of ring push-ups and strict pull-ups since i didnt have time to do all the games track stuff because i had to be somewhere after.

  4. Sara J

    A. squats with 25lb dumbbells in each hand
    two sets of chin ups. . thanks holly… two sets of push up renegade rows with pink kbs

    B. 14:00 @ 85lb… with a little rower issue. ..

  5. Alexi

    A. Bulgarian splits were tough with just body weight. Chinups with thin red band.
    B. ~13:30 or so Performance @ 95, 115, 135.

    Great workout today. Quads were burning during the row!

  6. Jenn F

    A. Bulgarian splits with 20 # DB… Chin ups with blue band (tough).
    B. 14:30 RX Performance.

    Extra sweat because I have a head cold…. felt good to sweat it out.

  7. Staci Vinz

    A. 5×5 PP @ 85-95-105-115-125
    B. Done @ 145 ( ring push-ups felt really good!)
    C. Strength Training at home

  8. Jennifer Brickley

    Weighted RDL’s with 8 kg kettlebells, chinups with blue/red bands
    WOD: 14:18, 55#. I was going to do 65 and glad I stuck with 55 as I am fatigued from working two long days.
    Great workout, much more tired than I expected.

  9. Nicole Chovan

    A. Push Press 5×5- 85-85-90-95-95 Wish I could have gone a little further with this one but my shoulder was hurting with the presses and re-racking.
    B. Done – pushups need a TON of work, they felt terrible, but the cleans felt pretty good. Started at 125 for 2 rounds because of my shoulder then jumped to 145 and they felt good.

    Games Track A & B- Done, felt pretty good!

  10. Steve Vinz

    A. Done, body weight Bulgarian split squats, unassisted chin-ups.
    B. 13:30 @ 95lbs.

    Worked 30 minutes on snatch form.
    Good day today….enjoyed the WOD!