Tuesday 08272013


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A.  4 Sets NFT 

20 x Stationary Lunges (Weighted optional) 

45 Sec Rest 

10 x Supinated Ring Rows 

45 Sec Rest

B.  3 x 3 Min Rounds 

200M Run followed by… 


10 x Squats 

10 x Ball Slams 

3 Min Rest 


A1.  Pause Back Squats – 5 x 5 

A2.  Strict Pull-ups – 5 x 5 

Superset the Strict Pull-ups with every set of Back Squats.  Rest 2-3 minutes between each set of Back Squats.  

B.  3 Rounds AFAP 

20 x Front Rack Lunges 

10 x Power Cleans 

@ 115lb/85lb 

200M Run 

3 Min Rest 

18 Min Cap 


A.  Push Press – 5 x 3 w/3 Min Rest 

B.  Every 90 Secs for 10 Sets 

5 x Squat Clean Thrusters @ 155lb/105lb 

10 x Heavy Russian Swings @ 100lb/70lb 

Games Track 2014 

A.  Dip/Pull-up Complex 

B.  EMOM – 10 Mins 

100M Sprint 

C1.  Reverse Hyper – 3 x 15 

C2.  GHD – Sit-up – 3 x 15 

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19 Responses
  1. Jen B

    BS 105 x 1 set then 110 x4. Good workout. Blue/red bands for pullups.
    Fitness, 20 # wallball 9+ 9 (hurt my shoulder yesterday?)

  2. Nicole Chovan

    A Done at 105. Shoulder is still giving me some trouble during these.
    B. Done. Did 5 rounds at 105 then dropped to 85 cause I was having a hard time keeping up.

  3. Nicole Chovan

    oops. posted too early 🙂
    B. Russian swings with 1.5 pood. I had 2 pood out also just in case, but I was struggling with 1.5 towards the end so I just stuck with that one.. Around round 8 I ended up being 30 seconds behind. This one was a tough one for me. Thrusters are one of my weaknesses and also focusing on squatting rather than just power cleaning things.

    A. Done went well.
    B. Done. I don’t know if we were supposed to time how long each set took us, but I did because I was curious 16/16/15/16/14/15/15/15/14/14sec
    C. Done


  4. Carrie

    A. Back squat 85# hip feeling better getting down lower. Blue band pull ups. Liked working on strict pull-ups
    B. 14:18. 55# wasn’t sure how I was going to feel. My knees hurt worse than my hips. Liked the workout!

  5. Marcy

    A. 5×5 Pause BS@65#; Pull-ups: 2 sets of 5 w/wide green band; 3 sets with skinny green & skinny red bands. Last set did 10 (max effort)
    B. 1st set: 10 lunges@45#, 10 lunges@35#, 10 power cleans @35#, 200 meter run
    2nd set: 20 lunges@40#, 10 power cleans @40#; 200 m. run. 3rd set: 20 lunges@35#; 10 power cleans @35#; 200 m. run
    I miss my guy 🙁
    5 weeks….is a long time

  6. Sara Jech

    A. 135, 135, 140, 145, 145
    B . 14:20 Rx…. 85lb was tough for the lunges, but I’m glad I did it……

  7. Sue N

    A.. Back squats – worked up to 95#, blue band pull ups
    B. 15:28, started with 65#, dropped to 55# for the last set. Legs were giving out.

  8. JennF

    A. Worked up to 135.. I think, maybe more Holly??. Double red skinny for strict pullups.
    B. 14:27 or something RX… YOWZA.. easier for me to get lower with the left foot out in front.

  9. Jessi

    Performance: still working on form technique, not as concerned about weight
    A1 @ 65#
    A2 with green and blue band
    B.14:50 @ 35#

  10. Lindsey Grace

    A1. 105# first set, then 115# for the rest
    A2. 4 sets with thin green band, last set with red/green

    B. 15:20 55# …..those lunges SUCKED. Thanks for the mobility after, Julie!

  11. Susan kian

    3pause Bs 3×145 or 155 not sure. Was making up for yesterday since I didn’t do them then.
    Push press at 85. These were light but I practiced going slow and controlled.
    Sport wod with 105 and 70lb kettle bell. This was hard but manageable. It’s kind of an awkward movement for touch and go.
    Oly-light weights but good form.
    Pull up dip complex
    Ab complex
    Was looking forward to sprints all day but then I just ran out of fuel….so I sprinted thru my chipotle burrito bowl instead.

  12. Ben

    1.) 185#, love the pause strength stuff.
    2.) 14:34, done at 95# due to the tightness in the quads and possibly some sand stuck in some places.