Tuesday 09172013

CFP Boot Camp  

Our next boot camp starts September 30th and meets M/W/F at 7pm-8pm.  For more details and to register follow this link.  



A.  4 Sets

5 x Front Rack Squats (Kettlebells)

45 Sec Rest

5 x Kettlebell RDLs 

45 Sec Rest 

B.  4 Rounds 

10 x Jumping Pull-ups 

15 x Ball Slams 

20 x Squats 


A.  4 sets 

3/3 x Bulgarian Split Squats (VERY HEAVY) 

45 Sec Rest 

8 – 10 x Dips or (Max Effort Ring Hold) 

45 Sec Rest 

B.  4 Rounds AFAP 

3 x Muscle-ups or 12 Strict Pull-ups 

30 x Back Squats @ 45lb/35lb 


Prison Rules 

A.  Every 15 Secs for 16 Sets 

2 x Thrusters @ 155lb/105lb 

B.  4 Rounds AFAP 

7/4 x Muscle-ups 

30 x Back Squats @ 155lb/105lb 

Games Track 2014 

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14 Responses
  1. JennF

    A. Done B. 13:10. Scaled up per Coach Matt. Didn’t mind the squats. Strict pullups need a lot of work– thin blue and thin red banded today.

  2. Marcy

    So so glad to have this one over with!
    A. Done
    B. 11:17 @25# (yeah I know…but I’m glad I scaled it…thanks Matt!) with banded pull-ups and banded ring dips

  3. Sara Jech

    A. Squats with 30lb DBs in each hand, 1 1/2 sets with 1.5 poods in each hand….
    Dips … 4 reps on each set with no band… the other 4 reps with red band..

    B. 9:07 Rx….
    Probably could have pushed a little harder with the squats but with sharing a pull up bar it was tough to judge timing….

    5×5 Back Squats
    145, 145, 145, 165, 165

    3×8 DB Curls @ 25lbs

  4. Cally

    A. squats with 20# DBs, Max effort holding myself up on rings
    B. 11:19, Strict pull ups with bands, 35# squats

    practiced DUs

  5. Susan Kian

    A. Done
    B barely recovered from A! Wasnt pretty but finished it all. Things to work on bouncing the squat and staying calm. The second my chest tightens up which usually happens about 45 sec in I immediately i go into panic mode. I get so scared that im not going to be able to breathe and might die! I’m not dead yet! I need to relax.

    Anyways my legs feel ok so far….

  6. Staci Vinz

    Sport:…..(well kinda):
    A. Did 8 sets ( shoulder bugging me so stopped. Don’t want to risk injury this close to the Granite Games. Just didn’t warm it up enough).
    B. 10 x over the shoulder ball throws @ 50#
    30 x Backsquat @ 105#
    18:09 (posterior chain got tight at end).

  7. Cyndi

    A. 2x 1 pood Bulgarian split squats & 8 ring dips
    B. performance: 3 MUs and back squats at 85#. Many failed attempts at MUs but didnt give up, got’er done in 16:05

  8. Nicole Chovan

    A. Done- missed round 9 and had one missed attempt on round 16 (second rep)
    B. 400 m run
    C. Done-ish. 18:24 made 4 of 19 attempts of muscle ups.. real ugly but tried to keep going.