Tuesday 10012013

Successful first day
Successful first day


A.  5 Sets 

5 x KB Front Rack Squats – Heavy! 

45 Sec Rest 

5 x KB RDL – Heavy!  

B.  Every 2 Mins for 20 Mins (10 Sets) 

150M Row/Run 

5 x Deadlifts 


A.  Establish a 10 Rep Back Squat 

B.  Every 2 Mins for 20 Mins (10 Sets) 

150M Row/Run 

3 x Heavy Power Cleans 


A.  Back Squat – 3 x 10 w/2 Min Rest 

B.  Every 2 Mins for 20 Mins (10 Sets) 

150M Row/Run 

3 x TNG Squat Snatches

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12 Responses
  1. Sara Jech

    A. Worked up to 10 reps of 165lbs….. Thinking I need to max out one of these considering my last max was 185lbs!

    B. Deadlifts
    3 Rounds @ 155lbs
    7 Rounds @ 135lbs

  2. Jim

    A. 165 hip is starting to feel better but knee was a little sore, didn’t want to push either
    B. done w/run

  3. Paul Bye

    A. Worked up to 185# set of 10. Could have probably done a bit more but by the time you work up to 10 of a heavy weight, hard to go up 10# and do another 10. Next time…
    B. Done – 4 rounds @135#, 6 rounds @165#, with running.
    Love the new gym!

  4. Cally

    A. 125#
    B. First 6 rounds at 75# then to 85#

    A bit tired tonight so just didn’t have it in the legs to do more in the back squats.

  5. Susan Kian

    Have had a weird knot in my butt/hamstring hip area and it is so tight that it was causing an annoying twinge. Decided to opt out of anything squat based so I can work it out with a lacrosse ball first. I don’t want to risk pulling anything before the weekend. Did the ski erg thing and that was it. Will continue to try to work it out tonight with a lacrosse ball. I have had this before and it always goes away just fine if I’m careful.

  6. Staci Vinz

    A. Kept it light per coach @ 95-115-135
    B. All rounds @ 95# snatch
    100 abmat sit ups ( sure wish we had a GHD machine at the new space).

  7. Cyndi

    Granite Games wod #2 with partner at Crossfit chanhassen. Went well!! Snatch practice. So pumped for the weekend!

  8. Nicole Chovan

    A. 65-85-105-115. Kept it light- coaches orders.
    B. 4 sets at 95, 3 sets at 105, 3 sets at 115 squat snatches. Couldn’t seem to squat low enough. Did runs.

    Then 3 min calorie rows 3 minute rest for 5 sets. yuck!