“Turkey Time”


November is here again and we find ourselves upon the time of our annual in-house competition The Turkey Throwdown! This is a very exciting time for those who have competed in this CFP community only competition before. But what about those who have never thought about their workout as a competition let alone want to sign up to compete against other athletes? Why would they want to participate, or even attend the event? What IS a throwdown?

The Turkey Throwdown is Crossfit Progression’s annual in-house team competition. There are approximately 10 teams that sign up and compete to win some lager beers, maybe a frozen turkey and bragging rights of 1st place winners of the Turkey Throwdown of the year. These teams do four to five different workouts while being judged (by our coaches) for movement accuracy, count of reps and time of completion. Scores from each team for each workout are totaled and the team with the highest score wins. Each workout is similar to what one would see on a daily basis at CFP, as is the scoring.

The Turkey Throwdown is team based so you will be able to experience the fun of competition with a group. Because the score is team based, it allows for everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to be accounted for. So no worries if you don’t like wall balls, find someone on the team that does! If competition is not necessarily your thing, then the Turkey Throwdown is one of the best ways for you to get a little bit of that competitors feeling without the pressure of going at it all alone.

The throwdown is also a great way for members to experience what it would be like to be in a Crossfit competition without having to leave the comfort of their own gym. We do not allow outside competitors to enter the competition making it exclusive to members only. This adds to the fun because there is no added stress of not knowing who you are competing against.

Strategizing to build a team, contemplating the workouts, using each day at CFP to practice for the unknown are just some things that veteran competitors do to prepare for competitions. All though these things may help bring home the turkey, they are not necessary. What is necessary and impossible not to do is have FUN. In-house competitions are always full of laughter and smiles throughout the whole day.

So have a great time competing, or ask around if there are spots available on teams that are currently signed up. There is still an opportunity to participate!! If you are still on the fence about competing, make sure to stop by CFP to cheer on your community of competitors and come see the throwdown in live action. There is no way to describe the awesomeness of the day!!!

Coach Juli