Wednesday 01042012

Leisurely row

 Movement Warm-up Set

500M Row 

2 x Sets NFT 

<-> CartWheels 

<-> Waiters Walk (Switch arms half way through) 

<-> Fireman Carry with a partner  (or Piggy Back) 

10 x Push-ups (Close grip, keep a solid midline, rotate your elbows in as your chest lowers to the ground)  

A.  8 x 3 @ 60%-70% Dynamic Bench Press /60-90 secs rest.  (Focus on bar speed, you may use chains or bands for added resistance) 

B.  20 Minute AMRAP 

  • 8 x TGU @ 55lb/35lb (Alternate Arms) 
  • 150M Row (All out!)  
  • 10 x Jumping Lunges 

 C.  Group Mobility 

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