Wednesday 03282012


A.  10 minutes to establish your Max Effort Broad Jump  

B.  For time: 

1000M Row or 800M Run 

5 Rounds

15 x Pull-ups 

15 x Wallballs 20lb/14lb 

15 x Walking Overhead Lunges 45lb/25lb  

1000M Row or 800M Run 

C.  3 x 15 GHD Sit-ups 

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22 Responses
  1. Mark

    Broad Jump – 9’6″
    WOD – 29:58
    This one kicked my butt. Thanks to all for the support and to Alex for reminding me to breathe.

  2. Kirk

    (19:19) I scaled this workout thinking it would be excruciating doing 15 reps instead of 10. I now wish I wouldnt of scaled the reps.

    Really good workout. I want to do it again without scaling. Still was a challenge though.

  3. Cally Vinz

    Great workout – a tough one! I did 27:00 , green band, 10#ball, 10# lunges. I rowed 1000 instead of running. Also rowed an extra 1000 and ran 400 for warm-up (trying to burn a little extra). Feeling great now! Gonna be sore tomorrow (thighs)

    Steve did 26:31, blue band, 25# lunges, 20# ball. Very tough! one of the hardest he’s done. The last run was tough.

  4. Shawn Vinz

    8’10”, not as good as I thought it might be but o’well.
    WOD-17:12 Rx, that one looked easier in paper.

  5. Kessa Reasnor

    16:33 definitely scaled!
    400m run
    1st set was 15 reps
    2nd, 3rd, 4th set 10 reps
    last set 15 reps
    finish w/ 800m run

  6. rooyori

    No broad jump cuz heel is finally healing so figured wouldn’t be a good idea.
    WOD – 22:45 – Rx wt/reps with 800M row. Can tell I took some time off to heal up. Heart and lungs were having trouble. Felt good to get back though.

  7. Ben hess

    Here matt?!

    Ok so 16:45 was my time. Should done the 1,000 and 15 tho I could have done it I think.

  8. Jen Brickley

    5’6 broad jump
    18:57 : 800 run/ 5 rds 10 -pull ups with green band, -wallballs 10 lbs -lunges 1 rd 25lbs then 4 rds 10 pounds, 800 run

    Thanks Matt last week for letting our class practice pull ups. That really helped, I feel like I am finally getting it!!

  9. believe0204

    A TOUGH one! I can’t remember my time (its on the board) I used red band 10lb ball and 10lb lunges and I ran. I felt dizzy and light-headed towards the end. I’ll just say Crossfit members looked fuzzy to me, then I said hello to Ms. Toilet. I felt better about 10 minutes after. Thanks Alex, for keeping focus throughout the workout.

  10. Tyler

    7’8″ Broad jump (I think without my ankle issues could have been much better. I felt myself pushing off mostly my good foot.)
    23:44 Rx with 1000m rows due to, again, ankle. I wish I could have ran this one. I think it would have improved my time. Oh yeah, f*** wall balls!

  11. Kelle

    Broad Jump: 5’9″

    WOD: 21:06 (2x 800m, 5x 15 Pull Ups (blue band), 15 Wall Balls (10lb), 15 Walking Lunges (25lb))

    3×15 GHD Situps

  12. Mike Ganrude

    Modified WOD (dumb injuries knee)
    800m bike on airdyne
    5 rounds
    15 pull ups
    15 wall ball shots
    15 situps
    15 pushups
    800m bike
    Time: 15:40
    1 minute break the continued 5 more rounds
    Total time 27:40 (felt like death afterwards)
    Plus 30 hand stand presses and 5 hand stand walking max distance.

  13. Scott Gamb

    7′ 7″ broad jump, 27:06 WOD
    Looong WOD! I scaled but shoulda scaled more. Thanks Matt, Staci, Jaclyn(sp?), & Kirk for pushing me to finish!! Really good considering ankle issues.