Wednesday 04172013

A round of high fives
A round of high fives


A.  Clean Progression AMRAP 8 Mins 

Pos 1 

Pos 2 

Pos 3 

B.  12 Min AMRAP 

6 x Cleans or Deadlifts 

9 x Pull-ups/Ring Rows 

12 x Sit-ups 


A.  5 x 2 – Clean + Front Squat w/3 Min Rest 

B.  12 Min AMRAP 

6 x Power Cleans @ 135lb/95lb 

9 x Pull-ups or CTB 

12 x Sit-ups or Divers 


A.  EMOM – 10 Mins 

Even – 30 x Double-unders 

Odd – 5 x Thrusters @ 135lb/95lb 

B.  12 Min AMRAP 

5 x Power Cleans @ 225lb/135lb 

10 x UB CTB Pull-ups 

15 x GHD Sit-ups 

Optional Accessory 


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16 Responses
  1. Jen

    A. Cleans and Front squats, 5×2- 65,75, 80, 85, 90×1- then fail on the second clean
    B. 12 min AMRAP of 6 power cleans at 65#, 9 pullups-blue band, and 12 situps: 6 rounds +2

  2. Katina


    B) 4+21 @95 and first 3 round with a blue band, then finished with a red band..
    First class that I have been too that Matt coached..

  3. Rach

    Performance scaled up
    A: 105, 115, 125, 135, 145,
    B: @135# cleans, c2b pull-ups, divers
    C: 3x plank holds,

  4. Jenn F

    A. 65, 85,95,105,115 (failed 2nd attempt) mind game from my backache
    B. 1st round with95# then dropped to 85#. Blue banded pull-ups first time using only this for whole workout.

  5. Susan Kian

    A. EMOM:
    Even:I missed the 1st round of dubs because I didn’t realize we started.. I hope I did them all. I cannot count. I need to hire a professional to count for me. Some of them felt better than usual. Ankle is still slightly tender…so it was hurting a bit when I jumped.
    Odd: 5 thrusters @ 95#

    B.Sport attempted…. 4+7 after two rounds switched from 135 to 105 per recommendation from Shawn.. i really need to bounce the bar off my leg because when we get heavier than 125 i have a hard time power cleaning. I guess I was favoring my ankle and trying not to bend it so they started to have bad form. CTB were inconsistent today some I hit but some I just got in the vicinity. I did a few afterwards to make up for it. They were not unbroken during wod but I tried not to pause in between and jump quickly back up.

    C. Newts

    D. Hollow rocks and Mobility

  6. DK

    First metcon in about a month (minus the WLC). Fitness 8+17 (90# deadlift, ring rows, situps) Working on a good squat position to preserve my knees.