Wednesday 04252012

CFP kids doing more work then their parents....


A.  Partner Fight Gone Bad 

With a partner complete 3 rounds with a 1:30 of work at each movement: 


Russian Kettlebell Swings 1.5 pood / 1 pood 

Box Jumps 

Push Press 75lb/55lb 

Row for Calories 


Only 1 partner is allowed to work at a time, score = total reps of all three rounds between the team.  

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12 Responses
  1. Shawn

    Shawn & Shanna: 622 Rx+ (30/20# MB, 95/75# press, 24″, 2/1.5 pood KB-American). NICE WORK today Shanna!!!

  2. Mark

    Scott, Jeremy, and I made it through 750 reps with a 30# ball, 135# press, 30″ box, and 2pood KB.

    I’m a big fan of partner/ team workouts.

  3. rooyori

    Roo and Travis – 805 – mostly Rx. (I did 1 arm KB swings with 1 pood due to shoulder issue). Great job Travis!!

  4. Cally Vinz

    Fun& challenging workout!! 654- scaled.Great job partner-Tessa (?sp) I love to work with partners, great way to get to know others

  5. John Colbert

    John and Christy : 662, I scaled, I think Christy RXed. I had a blown shoulder tonight so having a PT for a partner was awesome.

  6. DK

    Sara/DK 536 10# ball, 35# kb, 45# bar, 16″ box (me)
    First time using 16″ box for a WOD! wall balls were good, KB are solid .Great WOD!

  7. Jer

    750 w/ Mark and Scott,
    First time using a 30# wallball, Like the partner workouts.
    Good workout. A needed rest for today.