Wednesday 09042013


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A.  4 Sets 

10 x Kettlebell RDLs 

45 Sec Rest 

10 x Strict Barbell/Dumbbell Press 

45 Sec Rest 

B.  AFAP w/a Partner 

400m Run – Together 

60 x Wallballs 

1 x Min Plank hold – Together 

60 x Russian Swings 

1 x Min Plank hold – Together 

400m Run – Together 


A.  Every 30 Seconds for 10 Sets 

2 x Sumo Stance Deadlifts 

Focus on speed throughout the pull! 

B.  AFAP w/a partner 

200M Weighted Relay Run @ 20lb/14lb (you go I go) 

100 x Wallballs 

100 x Pull-ups 

100 x Box Jumps @ 24inch/20inch 

200M Weighted Relay Run 

-Partition Reps anyway 


A.  5 Sets 

3/3 x Bulgarian Split Squats – HEAVY 

45 Sec Rest 

5 x Wide Grip Pull-ups 

B.  Nate 

20 Min AMRAP 

2 x Muscle-ups 

4 x HSPU 

8 x American Swings @ 2 pood/1.5 pood 

Games Track 2014 

A.  Weighted Runs 4 x 400M @ 70lb/40lb 

w/3 Min Rest 

-Post results under comments  








18 Responses
  1. Holly T

    A. Sumo Deadlifts @185#

    B. Partner WOD with Sara @14:56
    Another good WOD! One of my favorites, love partner WOD’S!

  2. Nicole Chovan

    A. Done with 1.5 pood KB.
    B. Nate- 9 rounds. Was excited to do this one; however, grew very frustrated with it after about round 4. I was having a tough time with the muscle ups. Round 5 was where I fell behind (>2mins/round). Had somewhere around 5-7 misses on muscle ups that round, could not get my head through. Everything else went pretty well, just need to work on being consistent with muscle ups.

    A. Done with 47.5 lb bag. 2:34/2:14/2:18/2:12. First round was slow. I think I somewhat sprained my ankle jumping down on muscle ups, so I was being cautions with it, but the run didn’t bother it.

    Banded face pulls & pull aparts ME supersets for 5 rounds. Definitely helped loosen up my shoulders after the muscle ups.

  3. Carrie

    A. 175 for 4 rounds then 195# for the last 6 rounds
    B. Awesome performance partner Queen Kristine. 17:00. Didn’t use a pebble of chalk but had to move to a thicker band as my hands were just slipping.

  4. Susan Kian

    A. Done
    Nate 9 rounds , started off strong with two muscle ups for 5 rounds and then lost arm strength and had to split them up into singles. Kipping dips would have been my BFF if i had the hang of them. Something to work on…..hspu felt really strong today

  5. Laura S

    A. Sumo deadlifts @ 105
    B. Partner with Amy: 19:02 w/ 10# medicine ball, jumping pullups, and 20″ box.
    I like partner wods. Thanks for pushing me Amy!

  6. David Muscarella

    A. 2 pood kettle, 30lb db.
    B. With Sara, fitness 14:47. 60 wall balls, 80 russian swings
    One minute Planks were harder than expected.

  7. Amy S.

    A. Sumo deadlifts @ 105
    B. Partner with Laura S.: 19:02 w/ 10# medicine ball, jumping pullups, and 20″ box. I loved this one – something hard, yet team focused.