“It’s Called the WHOLE LIFE Challenge”


It’s Called the WHOLE LIFE Challenge


The reason the Whole Life Challenge is called the Whole Life Challenge is because it is a challenge that tests all aspects of your life, not just parts. At first glance, more often than not, people look at the Whole Life Challenge as strictly a weight loss program. Which, in fact, it is very possible that you may loose weight following the rules of the challenge. However, the purpose of the game is much more than loosing a few pounds of unwanted fat.

There are a number of reasons why anyone from anywhere could benefit from participating in the challenge. Have your ever wanted to get more sleep, drink more water or simply spend 10 minutes of uninterrupted time in the sun? These are some of the mini-challenges that the Whole Life Challenge encompasses. These mini-challenges are ways in which a participant can earn some extra bonus points when they stray from the recommended diet.

Participating in the Whole Life Challenge allows for so many other changes other than pure body composition. One would be surprised on how easily so many parts of their life can be better controlled when they simply get their diet under control. Discipline in ones diet can be transeferred to so many other things in their daily and weekly routines. Rountine is not necessarily the enemy either. Sometimes when we have the day or week planned out, it is easier to stick to the plan and not be tempted to stray because there is an order or succession of how the day is layed out.

Even if you are trying to gain weight and or muscle mass, does not mean that you should not participate in the Whole Life Challenge. There are many ways that you will still be able to maintain weight and even gain while participating in the game. You may have to play the game at the beginner or intermediate level so that you may still include dairy, but all of the other challenges could greatly improve your health because diet is just a piece of the bigger puzzle. Adding more water into your diet, getting more sleep and being mindful to name a few, are all things that anyone can benefit from.

So what are you waiting for?? Sign up for the Whole Life Challenge and be apart of an amazing community will be striving to be make ALL aspects of their lives healthier, not just their diets.

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