Week 10 – session 3 – Saturday 9am class

Programming – Cycle 3 – Week 1o – session 3

Snatch – work up to daily training max – 3 misses and your done.

Clean and Jerk – work up to daily training max – 3 misses and your done.

Saturday should not necessarily be a max effort day. The goal for the day should be to lift slightly more weight than you lifted earlier in the week. Consider this was a 90% week a good goal would be for you to hit 95%. When finished or you have missed 3 times please perform at 2-3 sets at 75% or less of your heaviest weight for each exercise.

If time permits or you finish early here are your options.

Back Squats – x3 – heavier than Tuesday or aim for 90%

If you already have squatted 3 times this week please perform deadlifts

Snatch Deadlift – 4×3 – 105% of 1 rep max

Clean Deadlift – 4×3 – 105% of 1 rep max

Make sure you set up just like you are going to actually lift the bar and hit all of your positions while lifting the bar off of the ground.


Mobility – pick 1 exercise for each – 3×12-15 should be a good rep scheme.



Core – Planks



Link of the Day – Finishing off with a Zhang Guozheng video. Zhang is a multiple time world champions and Olympic Medalist definitely one of the former Chinese greats. You will notice his squat jerk, very tough to perform but it works for him clearly.




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1 Response
  1. Katina

    Worked up to 95# snatch, tryed 105 3 times missed all 3, then did snatch pulls @ 115#
    Back squats 5*3 105,115,125,135,145
    Banded pull a parts 3*15
    Banded hamstring curls 3*20