Week 3 – Session 2 – Thursday 6:30pm

Cycle 1 – Week 3 – 80% Session 2


A.) Snatch Balance – 5×2

Position work

B.) 3 Pos Pause Snatch – to Pos 1 Snatch

3 Pos Pause Clean – Pos 1 Clean and Jerk

– Pull into normal start position pausing mid shin, pause Pos 2, and Pause Pos1, then from Pos 1 lift.

This will teach us to be strong in our positions. Through out cycle 1 so for the next 4 weeks we will be doing a lot of 3 Pos movements focusing on loading the hamstrings properly.

Front Squats – 4×3 – w / 1st rep 3 second pause

C.) RDL – 5×5

Push Press – 5×7

Planks – 3 min. – split up as necessary

Link of the Day – Coach B. talking about loading the Hamstrings. This is a must watch! Thanks to Coach Jeremy for finding this one!



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