Week 8 – session 1 – Tuesday 6:30 class

Warm up- If you get to class early please start your barwork! you can never do enough!

Snatch – 4 x 1  @ 95%

Clean and Jerk – 4 x1 @ 95%

Perform 7 to 8 warm up sets prior to reaching your 4×1 @ 95%

Back Squats – 5×5 – goal is to beat what you did last week in back squats

RDL’s – 5×5 – focus is on working your hamstrings and lower back, use the necessary weight to do so


If you did Memorial Day Murph, today is a technique day going to be performed in the 80% range.



MORE MOBILITY – do not neglect your shoulder mobility! If you struggle with heavy split jerks but you feel your technique is pretty solid look to your mobility!

Core Work – focus on stabilization, this means planks, I do not care which kind, be creative and perform at least 3 sets for 1 minute each.

Shoulders – banded pull aparts 50

If you are still recovering from Memorial Day please focus on doing extra mobility instead of the strength.


Link of the day – http://www.theironsamurai.com/  Check out the 7 deadly sins of weightlifting, it’s a good read!

2 Responses
  1. Bob

    -Snatch-worked up to 135 all felt great. Missed all four @135.
    -C&J- worked up to 185. hit 190
    -BS 2 rep PR
    RDLs 135 5×5

    Great night at the office

  2. Sara R

    RDL-135 Didn’t finish all of them

    Really need to get myself a notebook! GOOD WORKOUT!