Week 8, Session 2, Thursday 6:30pm class

Main focus tonight is to feel what it truly means to be back on your heals. I have been focusing on this a lot the past few months and this is once again another attempt to really hammer it in. This is going to be a knowledge packed class so please come ready to learn.

This time around I have an blog post written by Diane Fu of Fu Barbell in San Fransisco, CA. Please read and think about this in your lifting. http://fubarbell.com/content/body-likes-follow-path-least-resistance (Thanks to Patrick Bell for posting on FB)


Warm up – Barwork, group intro talking about being back on our heals, and how to achieve this position efficiently.

Snatch – Pos 2 pause – 12 min

Clean – Pos 2 pause – 12 min

Front Squats – 5×2 w/ pause – Weight – try to set a PR or set a bench mark for future work outs.

Split Jerks from Rack – 5×2 – medium work weight

Good Mornings – 5×7



Mobility – AT LEAST 10 min. PER DAY!!! If you need suggestions please talk to me or the other coaches.

Lateral Shoulder Raises – 5×12 – pick a light weight and focus on extremely slow, controlled, movements.

Core – hollow rocks – 100


Link of the Day

– 2 for you today! First  as posted above Diane Fu, awesome blog to follow if you don’t already! http://fubarbell.com/content/body-likes-follow-path-least-resistance

– The Russian National Weightlifting Championships – http://www.allthingsgym.com/2013-russian-championships-live-stream/ (via All Things Gym, if this isn’t your homepage yet it should be)




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