Week 8, Session 2, Thursday 6:30pm class

Main focus tonight is to feel what it truly means to be back on your heals. I have been focusing on this a lot the past few months and this is once again another attempt to really hammer it in. This is going to be a knowledge packed class so please come ready to learn.

This time around I have an blog post written by Diane Fu of Fu Barbell in San Fransisco, CA. Please read and think about this in your lifting. (Thanks to Patrick Bell for posting on FB)


Warm up – Barwork, group intro talking about being back on our heals, and how to achieve this position efficiently.

Snatch – Pos 2 pause – 12 min

Clean – Pos 2 pause – 12 min

Front Squats – 5×2 w/ pause – Weight – try to set a PR or set a bench mark for future work outs.

Split Jerks from Rack – 5×2 – medium work weight

Good Mornings – 5×7



Mobility – AT LEAST 10 min. PER DAY!!! If you need suggestions please talk to me or the other coaches.

Lateral Shoulder Raises – 5×12 – pick a light weight and focus on extremely slow, controlled, movements.

Core – hollow rocks – 100


Link of the Day

– 2 for you today! First  as posted above Diane Fu, awesome blog to follow if you don’t already!

– The Russian National Weightlifting Championships – (via All Things Gym, if this isn’t your homepage yet it should be)




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