Why YOU Should Compete in the MN OPEN

Jen Grenell



Why YOU Should Compete in the MN OPEN


The Minnesota Open is steeped in a lot of important weightlifting history. The earliest Twin City Open, now known as the Minnesota Open was in 1956. This competition was a team contest between Minneapolis and St Paul. Minnesota Hall of Famers Vince DeTamaso, Richard Pembrook, and Bob Severin were in it, with Pembrook setting State records. 1964 saw big lifts from Hall of Famers George Schultz, Roger Sadecki, and Robert Jones. In 1965 the competition included Gary Cleveland. Gary placed 5th at the 1964 Olympics and 5th at the Worlds in 1965. Hall of Famers Charles Jones and John Drewes lifted in the 1968 competition.

The name of the meet was changed to “The St. Paul”  in October 1973. A notable lifter in the 1973 meet was Hall of Famer Luke Klaja, who was a member of the 1980 Olympic Team. Charles Sanft and Richard Podewils, both Hall of Famers, were also in this meet. Gregg Sonnabend was in the 1976 meet. The 1979 meet featured a Manitoba vs Minnesota match and had Hall of Famers Scott Jensen and Randy Mertes in it and other notables like former National Champions Joe Widdel and Dwight Tamanaha. Hall of Famer Steve Jensen lifted in the 1980 meet. Ben Hoffstrom, Brian Derwin, and Don Witt lifted in the 1983 meet.

The name was changed back to Twin City Open in October 1987 with National notables Paul Fleschler and Dave Phillips lifting in it. In 1988 and 1989 Bobby Jones lifted as did Dave Phillips again. Nestor Nacionales lifted in the 1990 meet. Jay Johnson lifted in the 1991 meet. Olympian Theresa Brick from Manitoba lifted in the 1992 meet. Dawn Foerster and Decia Stenzel lifted in the 1993 meet.

In 2013, the name of the competition is changing to the Minnesota Open. It is not uncommon for nationally recognized lifters to show up to the Minnesota Open. It is an honor for CrossFit Progression to be hosting this event. So, why should you compete at this event? We have compiled a Top Ten List of why you should compete at the Minnesota Open at CFP on October 12th.


10. It’s a good chance to use all of your snatch and clean and jerk jokes… and a good chance to show off your well polished snatch.

9. It’s a great time to mix up your training. Summer was endurance training time for many. The fall is the time to get stronger, which can equate to getting faster. Get to Olympic Lifting classes, mix up your training and throw down on October 12th!!

8. It’s a good time to practice your mean face and show it off on October 12th.

7. An awesome opportunity to be a part of some amazing weightlifting history. Did you read the above intro?

6. It’s an opportunity to grow a beard. Everyone knows to fear the beard. Maybe not for the ladies, but we don’t judge.

5. CFP is hosting the event in it’s new 2nd location and is working on some great prizes. You can’t get prizes if you don’t compete. You want prizes, right?

4. Great coaching throughout the training process. Nic is awesome, and supportive and will stand there with you when you lift in your spandex.

3. It’s a great opportunity to buy and train in new Oly shoes. CFP has the Reebok Oly shoes available.

2. When you get tired of the snatch, you can jerk it. Ok, sorry. No more jokes.

1. The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. Step out of your comfort zone and discover a new way of competing. Set some new PRs for yourself. The community at CFP will be out in force on October 12th to cheer you on and support you. This will be an awesome day, and we hope to see you out there lifting at the Minnesota Open!!

Coach Jen Grenell

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