Paleo Nick

CrossFit Progression has teamed up with Culinary Expert, Nick Massie, known in the CrossFit world as Paleo Nick.
Who is Paleo Nick? Nick is and has been a professional cook for over 17 years. He has formal training in Culinary Arts and focuses much of his attention towards healthy eating and the Paleo diet.
“Keep It Paleo!”
Nutrition Seminar & Culinary Boot Camp
This seminar will include a lecture covering “The CrossFit Diet” which is the first portion of Fitness in 100 Words. The Paleo and Zone Diets will be discussed and we’ll calculate everyone’s body composition and Zone block prescription.
After lecture, we’ll break up into five teams and begin the Culinary Boot Camp. Each group will be assigned to one of the meals below and will then prepare 60+ portions, so that everyone can bring home at least 2 helpings of each meal. Each student will take home a minimum of 10 prepared meals, all of which are freezer friendly.
The Culinary Fitness Concept will be emphasized throughout the day, focusing on the importance of planning ahead and being prepared.
Nick will do a culinary demonstration, lunch will be served, and we’ll have lots of fun! Who knows, you might even get to wear a Chef Hat…
Attendees will take home a minimum of 20 meals
Paleo Pastel de Papa
Thai Style Chicken Curry
Paleo Chili Colorado
Bison and Vegetable Ragout
Paleo Beef Bourguignon
*You are encouraged to bring your own food storage containers and a cooler, but we will have enough containers on hand for everyone.
Although your team will prepare only one of the five meals above, you will go home with recipes for each and a one month subscription to, where Nick will walk you through the other four recipes in video format.
Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Class Size Limit: 30

September 30, 2012

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
The Box

Spaces Left: click register here below to find out!

Capacity: 30

Event Price: $200.00

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