Monday 03192012

Domination of Open WOD 12.4

-CFP is a proud sponsor for “Race for Research” which is being held this Saturday at Soldiers Field Park at 9am.  Each year the Physical Therapy Students from Mayo Clinic joins a nation wide effort to raise money geared towards raising money for research in the field of physical therapy.  This year, the Mayo School of Health Sciences Program in Physical Therapy students will again take part in this challenge by putting on the Race for Research. The Race includes a 5k walk, a 5K run, and a 10K run through the Rochester city trails. You can demonstrate your commitment to the physical therapy profession by participating in this exciting event. So, bring your friends, bring your family and come on out to participate in the 2012 Race for Research!  

Please register here for this great cause:  Rochesterraceforresarch

-Starting this week CFP will be offering an advance class at 6:30pm Monday-Friday (THERE WILL STILL BE REGULAR CLASS SESSIONS AS WELL AT 6:30PM in the main gym space) and at 11am on Saturday in the Progression room.  This class is designed for members wanting to train exclusively for competition in CrossFit and not just General Physical Preparedness (GPP).  This is an open class for any member, it is highly recommended that you have been training in CrossFit for at least 6-8 months before attempting this class.  Questions please contact Matt @ [email protected]  

A.  Kettlebell Ladder not for time: 

1-10 of: 

Russian Kettlebell Swings 

Goblet Squats 

B.  AFAP: 




Box jumps  

15 Minute Cap!  2:1 singles/double-unders.

C.  Mobility 

-Post results under comments  

20 Responses
  1. Cally Vinz

    Enjoyed to kettle bell “pre-work out work out” and intended to do 40-30-20-10 but did the 50-40-30-20-10 and got through it — great work out!!!

  2. Scott O'Reilly

    I just made it under the cap with 14:40.

    I felt great today. I went for a 2 mile run this morning, the kettle bell warmup was awesome, and I got a decent time on a body weight workout.

  3. Kelle

    7 box jumps left at the 15 minute cap — finished just over 15 with Laura 🙂 …. Scaled to singles.

  4. Todd

    enjoyed the kettlebell workout/warmup

    did 40,30,20,10 in 14:27 still not great at box jumps
    used my new jump rope I just orded which was sized for me and was able to do singles without stoping for the first time. Double unders by next week! Feel great just need to work on box jumps

  5. jen

    14:50 with singles. Great job to Jeremy and Cory with the KB warmup- awesome job guys!! So nice to work out with the 630 pm group!

  6. Amy

    A. 26 lb KB. It was a great lesson…my KB swings are going to be better now. Thanks.

    B. I didn’t finish but I got thru 30 then did 20 singles, 20 situps and 3 box jumps. I mostly did step ups…I have been sick for 2 weeks!!! But it is great to be back. Felt awesome. Thanks!!

  7. 13:52 Rx – thanks for the KB time Cory. Back was tight after the “warm up”, but actually loosened up through the WOD. Good day

  8. Julie Scudamore

    I am so impressed with everyone that I have met at CFP. Just had my first beginners class(i was pretty nervous about being able to do everything)… I made it through and felt great.

  9. DK

    Singles, 14″? weights (mostly jumps but some step-ups)
    Got to 13 box jumps on the “20” round.
    KB warm-up and instruction was great!