Building a Mountain


It is something that is built over time, there is no fast way to becoming strong. It is a constant daily effort to improve and maintain. Like a mountain being heaped up slowly by the tectonic plates beneath the earth’s crust, strength is slowly built by the continual training stressors you place upon your body.

Look at something as great and magnificent the Rocky Mountains. It took tens of millions of years to form. Becoming strong isn’t going to happen in a 4 week cycle, or even a 3 month program. Building strength as solid as a mountain is a lifetime pursuit, and a lifestyle focus. Becoming strong takes years of consistency.

If this sounds unbearable and makes you itch in frustration because you can’t have it right now then the pursuit of strength is something I recommend you try, it will teach you PATIENCE.

If the pursuit of strength sounds like something cool but you can’t think of a good enough reason to stick with something that difficult for a long period of time, I recommend you try it will teach you GRIT.

If you started a pursuit of strength but stopped after failure, or because you felt broken physically or mentally. I recommend you start again, the lesson wasn’t finished. Starting again will teach you RESILIENCY.

Life is heavy; the very weight of it molds the person you are and ultimately become for better, or for worse. This is why the constant pursuit of physical strength is so important. This is why we as pursuers of strength spend so much time lifting, pushing, pressing, and squatting. We spend countless hours molding ourselves through physical training to be strong enough to mold our everyday lives as we see fit.

Lift heavy, Lift Often, Dream and Repeat.


Written  by: Nic Scudamore

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3 Responses
  1. Kyle Kraft

    Awesome post! As we crest the summit of one accomplishment, it allows us to see another summit far in the distance, awaiting us to begin our journey!