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The Assault
The Assault


A.  EMOM – 8 Mins

5 x Thrusters  (Rack) 

B.  EMOM – 5 Mins

10 x Russian Swings


30 x Wallballs

10 x Deadlifts (Light)


A.  EMOM – 8 Mins

5 x TNG Power Clean + Push Jerks @ 135lb/95lb

B.  EMOM – 5 Mins

3 x Front Squats -Ground (Moderately Heavy)

C.  3 Rounds AFAP

30 x Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb

10 x Power Snatches @ 95lb/65lb 

10 Min Cap


A.  EMOM – 8 Mins

5 x TNG Power Clean + Push Jerks @ 155lb/105lb

B.  EMOM – 5 Mins

3 x Front Squats -Ground @ 225lb/145lb 

C.  3 Rounds AFAP

30 x Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb

10 x Power Snatches @ 115lb/85lb

10 Min Cap

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12 Responses
  1. Crysta P

    A. 65# first two rounds, then 55# – this was HARD.
    B. 65, 65, 75, 75, 85
    C. 6:01 (10# Wallball, 75# Deadlifts)

  2. JennF

    A. I did 85# (I thought that was what was on the white board??) Probably a good thing.
    B. 105-110-115-115-120
    C. 8:14RX Performance.

  3. Nicole Chovan

    A. Rough start.. Had 3 rounds of 3+2, and 1 round of 2+2+1, but the rest were TNG.
    B. Done at 145. Felt fine.
    C. 7:39 Really struggled with snatches today.

  4. Angela

    A. 85#
    B. 95# ( just noticed it said moderately heavy. Need to pay closer attention).
    C. 6:49 RX whew, those dang wall balls!!!

  5. Carrie

    A. 85# started with squat cleans but switched to power cleans.
    B. 65 up to 85#. Whimped out a little knowing all those WB were coming up.
    C. 14# WB and 65# snatch. 6:53. Had to break up the 2nd and 3rd round of WBs.

  6. Staci Vinz

    A. @ 105 (all sets TNG UB)
    B. @ 145 (felt fine. Could of probably added weight, but legs pretty beat up from this week).
    C. 7:47 Rx (not feeling the snatches today. Rested to long and took too many breaks. Weak mental day today. Really feeling beat up after this weeks programming).
    Tabata abmat sit-ups

  7. Steve Vinz

    A. @ 115
    B. @ 125, 125, 135, 145, 155
    C. 9:00, 75lbs for snatches.
    Good workout….good week!. Liked this weeks programming.

  8. Susan Kian

    A. 95# 5pp+5 sumo deadlifts
    B. front squat 95×5-105×5-115×3-115×5-115×6

    Wod 30 WB to bullseye
    10 dumbbell snatches 30 lbs

    After wod 10 dips, 20 more dumbbell snatches….

    I liked the dumbbell snatches but I didn’t feel tired at the end…perhaps I needed to do more per set or a heavier weight.

    5 min bike

  9. Paul Bye

    A. @115# – this was a lot harder than it looked on paper.
    B. @135# – should have tried to increase weight but was worn out after the first part.
    C. 9:30, @20# wallballs, 75# snatches.
    This certainly seemed like a good open prep workout – bring on the endless wallballs!