Daily Thoughts: Compartmentalization


Compartmentalize: to put (something) in a place that is separate from other things.

The ability to compartmentalize is maybe one of the most underrated. At some point in all of our lives we will face some kind of emotional, physical, crisis that may feel like it could rip the very life out of our bodies forever. Unfortunately we live in a fast pace world that does not care who died, that you car died, that you have no money, or that you are an just an emotional train wreck (at some point we all are). Most likely we have all experienced all of these things, and as humans we will probably face all of these again at multiple points in our life.

Things don’t get easier in life, people just learn to compartmentalize. People learn to put things in a place in their mind that is separate from other things. This is not a way to forget things or to ignore situations, instead I see compartmentalization as a way to bring the right attitude to all aspects of your life, or to gather the required focus to succeed. For example when you are done with work and you come into the gym it’s time to take off your work fedora and put on your workout neon. Two complete opposites in terms of mindset. When you leave work know that you have done all you can that day, and even if you haven’t you are prepared to continue on the next day refreshed and with a clear focus. When you work out you are there to train your body for all physical aspects of life. Remember work Fedora off and workout neon on (workout neon is more of a personal aura and not actually required but encouraged).

Bring the right attitude, and be awesome everyday.

See you soon,


Coach Nic


CFP Strength

Rochester Barbell Club

USAW Level 1 – 2009 – present

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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