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We will be having normal class hours at 8am, 9am, and 10am this Saturday the 4th.  There will be no 11am class. 

Please join us for the official CFP Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday January 4th starting at 12 pm –  4 pm.  There will be catering from Johnny Mango, Meat Raffle to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club, and guest speakers and games throughout the festivities.  Friends and family are welcome, we look forward to seeing all of you there!


All Levels

A.  The Chief

5 Rounds 


3 x Power Cleans @ 135lb/95lb 

6 x Push-ups

9 x Squats

1 Min Rest

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9 Responses
  1. Matt Chida

    6+10, 6, 6, 5+10, 5+10

    Consistency was key. Going from squats to power cleans got a little rough towards the end.

  2. Susan kian

    Fun warmup Matt!

    Chief 4+9, 4+2, 3+9, 3+1, not sure on the last rounds…..push-ups were uncomfortable, my arms weren’t tired but it was a strain on my core….might have to modify this soon. Likewise with weightlifting from ground, would have been better as a hang clean if we have to do multiples. I tried to move my feet wider apart but then it’s just awkward.

  3. JennF

    4+3, 4+1, 4, 3+11, 3+9. Pushups were strict but at the end, were definitely asymmetric. Right arm fatigues faster than left.

    100 sit ups.

  4. Jessi A

    3+11, 4+1, 4+5, 3+10, 4 @ 65#, did push-ups from my knees…I really need to start working on my push-ups and start doing them properly